Royalty [AU]

"Can you bear the weight of the crown?"| As the heir to Britain's biggest tea company, Louis Tomlinson is only known as one thing at Pemberly University: Royalty. This notorious bad boy has had his life planned to a tee since the day he was born, and he thought he wouldn't want it any other way. That is until shy freshman Harry Styles comes in with his freshly baked goods and confusingly endearing face and flips Louis' kingdom (and life) upside down.


4. two

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Now, regardless of how hard Louis may complain his life may be, our prince we will find has always had it made in comparison to your normal twenty two year old. Because he was the heir of the Royal Tea Company, when he was of age he would overtake the company's operations and would finally assume the role of King. He would, like his father, and his father before him, rule the land. Not without, of course, a beautiful queen, that was especially emphasized from the time he turned twenty.

On the eve of his birthday his father had sat him down in his study, in that study that Louis loved so incredibly much because of its old books and antique globes, and told him firmly, "It's time you start thinking about settling down."

At twenty. At twenty his father wanted him to begin thinking about getting married. He thought his father had gone mad, then he realized that in fact, his father had taken over the company and married Louis' mother by the age of twenty one. But those were different times, different circumstances, Louis didn't believe his father would really make him settle down by that age.

Women were what least interested dear Louis. The thought of a wife? That made him physically sick. Okay, he was exaggerating, but commitment at that age? Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. He had had his fair share of romances, don't get him wrong, but none had ever quite worked out. The girls just always seemed to have been fixated on the fact that he was a Tomlinson, and they could very well likely be a Tomlinson as well. To put it short? They loved the crown, not the boy who wore it. Besides, he never really fell in love. And if he was going to marry someone, he was going to do it out of love, not because it was convenient. 

Of course he would love to take over his family's company, that was never the issue. But really he was not even close to being ready. At twenty two he was only beginning to understand the world around him. He was just beginning to be more cognizant of human behavior.  For God's sake, he didn't even know what he wanted for lunch, how could he possibly be able to run an entire kingdom?

Not that Pemberly counted of course, much like his family name, this crown was thrust upon him as well. He didn't like the constant fawning from wide-eyed girls, and the special attention from professors and administrators. To be quite frank, the whole royalty deal kind of ticked Louis off. People were fickle hearted and two faced, he was tired of constantly having to have his guard up. He was sick of having to figure out who was truly there for him, and who was their for his beckoning title. He just wanted to live his life and eat his bloody cupcakes. But then again, the cupcakes wouldn't have appeared if it hadn't have been for who he was, would they have?

He pondered this only momentarily as he began walking back to his dorm, not completely defeated. After all, he did have about half a dozen cupcakes waiting for him.

Louis looked up to see that Liam was of course walking about twenty steps ahead of him. Clearly furious, Liam had bolted the moment he finished his exam, not even waiting for Louis. They had of made it with time to spare, but they had not had enough time to review Liam's flashcards, so they might as well have arrived an hour late in Liam's book. 

"Liam." Louis said, trying to keep up. Liam completely disregarded him. Louis cursed his short legs and almost burst out into a run in order to finally catch up with tall and brooding Liam, "Leeeyummmmm"

"What?" He said, in a low tone of voice. Not bothering to turn around or even to slow down. One of his footsteps were easily four of Louis', Liam was fully aware of the fact, but that didn't mean he was going to do anything about it. 

"I'm sorry."


"And what? You know you passed?"

"That's not the point." Liam said as they rounded the corner to their dorm. 

"What's the point?"

"The point is," Liam started, getting the keys out of his front pocket, "You need to start getting your shit together. We can't afford to keep doing this."

"You sound like my dad." 

"Look, all I'm going to say is that next time, I'm leaving you at the pub, and I won't care if you make it home safe." 

"You wouldn't do that."

"Try me." Liam said, opening the door to their dorm room. 

Louis pushed in front of Liam, already ready to throw himself onto his bed. Instead though, he found Niall upon his plaid sheets, eating one of the chocolate cupcakes. Louis lost it. 

"What in the fuck do you think you're doing!?"

Niall looked at him wide-eyed, "What?"

"Who told you that you could eat those!?" He snatched the box away from Niall and quickly assessed the damage. There was only one poor, sad looking cupcake left. Its frosting was lopsided and the wrapped slightly wrinkled, which only infuriated Louis even more. 

"They were on your dresser, I always eat stuff from-"

"No! They were on my side of the room, you know you're not allowed to fucking touch anything on either sides of our rooms!"

"Really?" Liam interjected, "Remember that next time you need a clean pair of socks and you go through my drawer."

Louis ignored him and instead zeroed in on the flushed Irishman, "This was the one thing I was looking forward to today."

"They're fucking cupcakes." Niall muttered.

"Yeah! They were mine!" 

"What is your fucking obsession with these things? Just go buy some from the cafeteria you twat." Niall said, wiping crumbs off his shirt and lazily stretching upon Louis' bed.

Louis pulled him off the bed in one single motion, Niall swore loudly and Liam ignored them both, instead choosing to begin tidying up the mess they had left that morning. Louis couldn't help but ask though, "They sell them in the cafeteria?"

"The same ones, you wouldn't know though, your highness."

Louis kicked Niall as he was still down and then finally plopped down upon his bed, the sad looking cupcake nestled beside him. He didn't usually like going to the most crowded places on campus, simply because he hated the stares and the whispers. He was a terrible prince, really. But he figured the trek to the cafeteria would be worth it. Especially if it meant finding out who it was that made him all of these treats he was so incredibly infatuated with. 


It was almost as if he was famous the way Louis was followed throughout the school. His every move was constantly monitored, so it was understandable that he liked being under the radar. He avoided areas like the quad, the cafeteria, and the larger common rooms. Instead he stuck to what he knew and where people didn't bat an eye when they saw him. 

But for the bloody cupcakes he'd trek the entire campus twice. That should say it all. He couldn't help but feel creeped out though, especially when he began walking down the main spacious corridor that led to the student center. He could hear girls excitedly whispering and giggling, he could feel harsh stares from the other lads, but once again he wasn't too susceptible to it. He just kept focusing on the fact that maybe he would finally find himself face to face with the person who was making him these cupcakes. 

"Hi Louis!" Called a girl as she walked by. She waved shyly. He nodded in her direction and continued walking, trying not to call too much attention to himself. She giggled loudly to her friends after passing him by, no doubt elated by having been greeted by the Louis Tomlinson. 

Louis turned the corner and finally entered the cafeteria, holding his breath for some reason. His heart began to race and his stomach felt as if it had a hundred butterflies spreading their wings for the first time. He wondered why in the world he felt that way, and suddenly he realized it.

The elf, the bloody elf. 

Louis stopped in his tracks and shook his head. He shouldn't be getting all worked up over this mysterious entity just because they made him some baked goods. Amazing, albeit, but still just baked goods. Why would he even want to meet this elusive elf? Why would he get so nervous about it. The thoughts running through his head were rampant, and he could feel his hands beginning to become slick with sweat. 

There was almost no one left as lunch was over, only the random person or two sneakily stuffing snacks into their knapsacks so they could have during their study breaks. 

Louis walked over to the counter, turned his charm on and his nerves down, and asked the older woman at the register, "Love, I missed lunch today. You wouldn't happen to have anymore cupcakes lying around, would you?"

"That's too bad. Lunch is over-" But then it seemed as if she realized who she was speaking to and blushed. She brushed back a few strands of hair from her face and quickly cleared her throat, "I think they're making the next batch for dinner. You could go check in the kitchen across the way." She pointed down a narrow hallway he had never really noticed before. He nodded with a smile and went on his way. 

But good god the nervousness in his stomach wouldn't subside, he kept telling himself to keep it together. That maybe it was just hunger that was producing this weirdness, and that maybe once he ate he would be okay. He kept telling himself so many things that he wasn't really looking ahead and low and behold he crashed into someone carrying a stack of trays.

"Oops." Said a deep, raspy voice, looking around at the damage the clueless Louis had caused. 

Louis looked up, completely flushed, knowing that he had really fucked up. Around him laid about three dozen cupcakes, they weren't decorated yet and probably would never be now thanks to him. He didn't know how to play off the embarrassment other than to say, "Hi." 

The boy who had carried the trays looked up at him, still sitting upon the floor, his long legs splayed out before him. He paled when he locked eyes with Louis. 

Louis didn't know what was happening, those butterflies were beating against his rib cage furiously. He couldn't even think of what to say, never mind the cupcakes.

The boy shook his head as he looked around him, obviously avoiding Louis' stare. He ran a hand through his curly hair and sighed, "Spent all morning baking for nothing."

"Y-you made these?"

The boy nodded, getting up, "Indeed I did" He extended a rather large hand towards Louis, "Harry Styles."

Louis took his hand smiled, "Louis Tomlinson."

"Hi." Harry said as he pulled Louis to his feet. 

"Hi." Louis immediately noted the height difference, he actually kind of felt dizzy. The feelings that were emerging within him were things he had never experienced least for a boy. For girls? Maybe? Perhaps not that strongly. Not even this quickly. Could he like a boy? He liked this boy, at least, he was pretty sure of that as he looked into Harry's mossy green eyes. 

Boy oh boy Louis could practically hear the butterflies dancing within him. He tried to tell himself to keep his cool, just as he always did. But he couldn't. For once the prince was at a loss for words. But really, what better way to start a love story than with an 'oops' a 'hi' and some chocolate cupcakes? 

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