Royalty [AU]

"Can you bear the weight of the crown?"| As the heir to Britain's biggest tea company, Louis Tomlinson is only known as one thing at Pemberly University: Royalty. This notorious bad boy has had his life planned to a tee since the day he was born, and he thought he wouldn't want it any other way. That is until shy freshman Harry Styles comes in with his freshly baked goods and confusingly endearing face and flips Louis' kingdom (and life) upside down.


2. prologue

p r o l o g u e


It was not uncommon for upperclassman Louis Tomlinson to walk into the common area and find a dozen or two cupcakes upon the carved wooden table. It didn't phase him, not really. It was three in the morning and if some ethereal being wanted to continue feeding him as he stayed up fervently writing his sociology paper, he had absolutely no qualms about it. 

The flavors varied per day, and the amount did as well. He was convinced that there was some kind of Keebler elf attempting to sweeten him up. After all, he was Louis fucking Tomlinson of the prestigious Tomlinsons. He was not a stranger to offerings, but he did find a tad odd that it was so anonymous. He would think that if someone was trying to gain his favor, they'd show their face at least once. But then again, it could just be that this person was an angel placed upon Earth to feed all the procrastinating uni students who were up far too late doing work they could have done weeks ago. How could Louis ever possibly question that?

He didn't. It was that easy. 

But one night Louis became very curious. He was a touch drunk, a tad out of sorts, and in the mood for the elf's delicious cupcakes. So much so that in a slur he mumbled to his friend Liam, "No don't put me in meh room, Leeyum. The elf don't know where to deliver the cuppy cakes. Those delicious little cuppy cakies. Put me the common room, mate. I need to be present when he arrives. Need to meet him."

Liam knew better than to mess with a drunk Louis and simply did as he asked. Liam was the mother hen type after all, always making sure Louis was safe and sound after one of his typical nights at the local pub. He didn't question anything about the elf or the cupcakes, knowing that Louis must have mixed his drinks and was now talking nonsense, per usual. Liam didn't know any better since no one knew about the baked goods that would mysteriously appear, mostly just because Louis wanted them all to himself. 

So the tall, muscular Liam tried shuffling tiny Louis back into the common room, only to have him plop down on the couch and pass out. Liam having had some drinks of his own, simply made sure that Louis wasn't on his back and went on his merry way. Not his typical practice, but hey, he was pretty wasted as well. 

Louis laid there then, alone and in a drunken stupor, waiting for his cupcake bearing elf to arrive with his basket of baked goods. His crown weighed heavily, so you could understand why he needed to keep himself so sedated. Sometimes he was tired of upholding this facade, this pompous and ridiculous facade. He just wanted the freedom to be himself. But most of all, he just wanted some cupcakes.

He wasn't particularly obsessed with the idea of freedom though, there were just so many perks to being a royal. There were bad days, but there were good days too. And there were cupcakes. Cupcakes just made everything better for Louis.

All baked goods aside though, Louis wasn't particularly irked by his status or pedigree. At least not yet. And as he fell asleep upon the old leather couch in the common room he had no idea that his entire life was going to change. Now, if we wanted to, we could call it the beginning of his happy ever after, his once upon a time. Actually, yes, let's do that.

Once upon a starry night before midterms, prince Louis Tomlinson laid upon his throne in his common room awaiting a visit from the baking elf he so badly wanted to encounter. Our prince laid in a drunken, profound sleep. A sleep much too deep to be stirred from. So when the elf tip toed in, he made sure not to make a peep. This tall, lanky, but charming elf then began to open his bag to place the cup cakes upon the wooden table. It was then that the King stirred, "Cuppy cakes. I want cuppy cakes." He mumbled. 

It took all of the elf's will power not to attempt to feed the sleeping king. After all, he had only fancied him since he arrived in the kingdom four months ago. He was merely a peasant, someone the king didn't even know existed. How could he dare touch him? How could he dare even meet his stare? How did he even think of falling in love with the prince? He couldn't, it was as simple as that. So he made his cup cakes filled with all the feelings he wasn't supposed have and left them for the sleeping prince. 

As he tip toed out the prince mumbled once more, "Elf. Who are you? I-I"

"You what?" The elf whispered, he couldn't help himself. He was so close to the door, he should have just left, but he couldn't. He wanted to know how the prince knew of him, how he knew he even existed. 

"I love-lo-"

"Love what?" The elf said, his heart in his throat as he waited to hear the words he thought the prince would never mutter to him. 

"Love cuppy cakes." And the prince started snoring loudly once more.

You would think that the elf would be disappointed, but he wasn't. In fact, his heart stopped. After all, his cupcakes were just an extension of his love. So if the prince loved them, he loved him, right? Was it really that easy? 

But then the elf remembered that the prince was asleep and by the time the sun rose this would all simply be in the past. That the prince would eat his cupcakes and wouldn't wonder where they came from. And the elf, the lonely lovesick elf, would simply go back to existing in the background. 

As he stepped out the elf just thought one thing, "I hope you'll always be as happy as you seem." and walked out. It was the prince's smile he fell in love with after all, as long as that remained he would be content. And with that he was gone. As if he was never even there. 

All love stories don't begin like in fairy tales. Of course there is a once upon a time, or a long time ago in a land far away, but there isn't a clear structure or format. Sometimes the characters don't fit the expected roles. Sometimes the story doesn't have a happily ever after. Sometimes you have to fight against the world only to be let down.

But sometimes you aren't. Sometimes you fight against the odds and norms and love wins. Sometimes you make your own fairy tale, and those are the best of all. 

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