Last Chance

This is for the Everything Fanfiction writing competition. Please like it!!! Comment what you think of it!!
After Reign's parents die, she goes to live with Bella, Renee, and Phil, who is her uncle. Renee and Phil want to travel, so Bella and Reign decide to go live with Bella's father, Charlie, but little do they know, they're life will be changed forever.


2. Author's Note

   Okay, so I decided to change a few things in the story and in order to do that, I also had to make a few changes in the first Chapter. I know I know, I'm so sorry, but it won't change anymore, I promise. So, what do you think of the story so far, what do you think is going to happen on their first day of school? Comment, please!! I will update June 25 and 26. 

Teaser: They meet the Cullens!!! 

What do you think Reign is going to do?

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