A Heart That Can't Be Fixed

Shingeki no Kyojin Modern AU. Levi is the captain of Rose High School's football team, The Survey Corps. When they finally triumph over their rivals, the Titans of Maria High, he looses everything close to him, is the road to recovery is too far for his feet to carry him? Or is it all just a dream? [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE MANGA]


6. voller Wut


Levi sat in the uncomfortable plush chair, a sleeping Petra in his arms. Levi still couldn’t believe it; everyone was okay. His dark, blue eyes trailed down to the sleeping girl in his arms. She was unharmed, just some cuts and bruises, like Levi and Farlan. Gunther was probably the worst, with a broken collarbone.

He ran his fingers through Petra’s ginger hair, Farlan and Isabel arguing loudly about something a few chairs over. He shook his head, a very faint smile playing on his lips. Levi looked down at Petra’s tear stained face, now sleeping peacefully against his chest.


Levi looked up to see Coach Erwin and Cheer Coach Hanje rushing into the hall. Petra let out a soft moan, waking and sitting up while stretching her arms back.

“Oh my God, are you guys okay?! We heard you were in an accident and came as soon as we could!” Cheer Coach Hanje blubbered, hugging Petra and putting a hand on Levi’s shoulder.

“Everyone will be fine.” Farlan smiled at her, giving a thumbs up.

“How are Bossard, Ginn, and Schultz?” Coach Erwin asked, Co-Coach Mike Zaccarius coming into the hall, nodding to Levi.

“They’ll be fine. Oluo isn’t really hurt, Eld has a broken nose from the airbag, and Gunther lost his collarbone.” Levi replied, his face stoic.

Erwin nodded. Levi knew he didn’t want to say it, but he saw it in his coach’s eyes. He lost two of his star players, now there was no hope for winning at State.

Levi glared harder, signaling to Erwin that he could stop.

“I’m just glad my cheer captain is okay!” cried Hanje, hugging Petra even tighter.

Erwin turned to Farlan and Isabel. “Are you two okay as well?”

“Yes sir!” Isabel replied, with Farlan nodding. “We’re just fine!” Levi scoffed at Isabel’s upbeat nature, Petra giggling slightly.

“I assume you and your friends won’t be back for practice or games any time soon.” Erwin said, sighing as his ginormous eyebrows raised.

There he goes. He said it.

Suddenly, Levi felt full of rage. He stood up, walking towards the coach. “Levi…?” Petra murmured. He stopped in front of the tall man.

“You think we just decided, hey, let’s get hit by a semi? It’ll make it inconvenient for our team.” He said, his glare burning. “So why not? Let’s give it a try.”

Erwin was speechless, but Levi could see the anger behind the coach’s cold blue eyes.

“I see.” Levi murmured, stepping away. “If that’s how you feel, why are you here?”

“Because I was worried about my star players-”

“No,” Levi sighed, “you needed to know if we could play or not.”

The tall man frowned. “Is that what you think?” Levi continued to glare at the coach, getting his point across.

“I understand.” Erwin sighed, turning to Mike. “Be sure the kids are alright and send them our sympathy. And Ackerman,” he turned to the teen, “I’d take you and your friends off the team right now if I could. However, we need you. I hope to see at least you at practice this week.”

Levi’s eyes narrowed, seething.

“Levi… it’s okay…” Petra murmured. “He means well.”

“Don’t you see, Petra? All he cares about is his team. Not the members, the wins.” Levi frowned, Petra sighing.

“I know.” She whispered, leaning on his shoulder. “But he is right. The team needs you.”

“No,” Levi frowned, “my teammates need me.”

Petra smirked. “That’s very uncharacteristic of you, Levi.”

He rubbed her hair, making her cry out in surprise. “Whatever.”

She kissed him on the cheek, smiling.


“There’s the Levi I love.”



A/N: Still short, I know. I've been really busy, so I will try to write longer chapters in the future! :)

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