A Heart That Can't Be Fixed

Shingeki no Kyojin Modern AU. Levi is the captain of Rose High School's football team, The Survey Corps. When they finally triumph over their rivals, the Titans of Maria High, he looses everything close to him, is the road to recovery is too far for his feet to carry him? Or is it all just a dream? [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE MANGA]


7. vierten Juli

A/N: There HAS to be a 4th of July chapter. So here it is!


Levi was sitting outside on his porch with Isabel and Farlan, peacefully sipping tea, until Eld, Gunther, and Oluo ran onto their front lawn with armfuls of colorful packages.

“Ooo!” Isabel gasped. “What are those?!”

“Have you checked the date? It’s the 4th of July!” Eld replied, grinning like an idiot.

Isabel crossed her arms. “That didn’t answer my question.”

“THEY BOUGHT ILLEGAL FIREWORKS!” Petra cried, running across the lawn, anger and terror in her eyes.

“They aren’t illegal, Petra. We bought them from that stand near Walmart.” Oluo frowned, placing his armful onto the ground.

“And how do you know they aren’t illegal?” Petra yelled.

“Calm down.” Farlan replied, walking over and putting a hand on her shoulder. “The fireworks wouldn’t have been sold or would’ve been shut down if they were illegal.”

Petra turned and looked at the raven haired male on the porch. “Levi?!”

“He’s right.”

“What?! You too, Levi?!”

Gunther offered Petra a friendly smile. “Pet, trust us. It’ll be fine.”

Petra sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. “FINE, fine. But if something catches on fire, I’m gone.”

Isabel gasped, picking up a couple small boxes. “Sparklers! I used to love these as a kid!” She turned to Petra. “Wanna light them with me? They’re safe, I promise!”

“Er-um…” She turned to Levi, unsure. He nodded his head, getting up and ruffling Isabel’s messy red hair. “Okay?”


Levi watched the ginger walk over, sidestepping around the boys who were throwing Pop-Its at each other, gunpowder all over their clothes. She took one of the rods from Isabel, a soft smile etching my face.

“My dad used to buy these all the time.”

Levi clicked his tongue, grabbing one from the redhead. Isabel lit them, Petra recoiling in surprise before a huge grin adorned her face as she held it out, the sparks floating out. Levi handed his to her, her smile widening. She kissed his cheek, giggling. Isabel was running in circles, two Sparklers in each hand.

Farlan sat on the porch, reading a book (fireworks weren’t his thing). Mr. and Mrs. Church had okayed them setting off the fireworks in the front lawn, his dad mumbling something along the lines of, “you’re only young once”.

Soon evening came, Petra and Isabel growing bored since they used up all their sparklers, the boy applying bandages to where the Pop-Its met bare skin, and Farlan and Levi grilling dinner. Petra had to beg her dad to let her stay late, until he finally said “only this once”. They all sat eating hotdogs and exchanging stories. Oluo bit his tongue while eating his hotdog, Petra sighing in an annoyed manner and going inside, bringing back a tissue. Eld and Gunther told of the time they put and ton of Sparklers in Eld’s parent’s fireplace during Christmas. Gunther and Eld found it hilarious.

Eld’s parents did not.

They later began setting off the fireworks. Isabel sat on Farlan’s shoulders, gasping and yelling. “PRETTY!”, The three boys sat on the grass wrestling each other, and Levi and Petra sat back. Petra had her head leaned on Levi’s shoulder, their fingers lightly intertwined.

“They’re beautiful, aren’t they?” She whispered, Levi looking down at her.

He clicked his tongue, murmuring. “Sure.”

She giggled, looking up. “Have you thought about it all? That we’re going off into the world in two years?”

Levi chuckled to himself. “Everyday.”

Petra sat up, turning and looking at him. “Wherever you go, I’m following you.”

He was taken back, his eyes fixed on the ginger sitting next to him, her eyes blazing with determination and courage. “Your future-”

“Is with you, Levi.” She smiled. “Where you go I go.”

Levi let a small smile grace his face, putting his arm around her shoulders. “Whatever, Ral. You better not screw up.”

She laughed, leaning upwards, their lips meeting. She closed her eyes, letting the future melt away and focused on her and now, nothing else-




Petra and Levi leaped up seeing flames race up the grass.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Farlan screamed, dropping Isabel.

That was a night none of them would forget.





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