A Heart That Can't Be Fixed

Shingeki no Kyojin Modern AU. Levi is the captain of Rose High School's football team, The Survey Corps. When they finally triumph over their rivals, the Titans of Maria High, he looses everything close to him, is the road to recovery is too far for his feet to carry him? Or is it all just a dream? [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE MANGA]


1. Ich liebe dich

He never opened up to anyone, really.

That was how he was known.

When people heard the name Levi, they knew of the lone survivor of a horrific car wreck, leaving 6 out of the 7 people in the car dead, Levi emerging with a broken leg and a shattered peace. The lost sophomore's names were Isabel Magnolia, Farlan Church, Oluo Bossard, Eld Ginn, Gunther Schultz, and Levi’s girlfriend, Petra Ral. They were driving back from a football game when a semi driver fell asleep on the wheel. Eld, who was driving, was killed instantly. Same with Gunther in the seat next to him. Oluo died later in the hospital, along with Farlan and Isabel, Farlan severely injuring his legs, and Isabel losing a lot of blood. Petra died last, from a broken spine. And what could Levi do? He just sat and watched his friends die.

    It had been a joyous evening. Gunther, Oluo, Eld, and Levi were in the high school, Rose High School’s, football team, the Survey Corps. Petra was a part of the cheerleading squad, and Isabel and Farlan were cheering Levi on. They were going against their rival, the Titans from Maria High. Their notable players were Bertholdt Hoover, Reiner Braun, and their female player, Ymir. But it was like the tale of David and Goliath, the Survey Corps beating them by a few points. Levi would never forget the way his 3 teammates crowded near him, shouting and clapping each other’s backs. Petra running to Levi, leaping on him and kissing his forehead. Isabel crying and pumping her fists in the air, while Farlan clapped, enthusiasm in his smile. Levi smiled that night, as he saluted to the sky, where he was sure his mother was watching.

    Later that night, with Petra on his back cheering, Levi and his friends walked over to Coach Erwin Smith and Cheer Coach Hanje Zoe. They shook hands, congratulating each other. A few of the freshman players crowded around the four members of the team, exclaiming their excitement. Eren Jaeger, a budding star that transferred from Maria High with some anger issues, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi’s cousin and the only female player, Armin Arlert, their kicker, Jean Kirschstein, who seemed to join to attract girls, and Marco Bodt, who was on injury leave after getting a concussion and breaking his right arm. Connie Springer and Sasha Blouse were “working” the concessions stand, or rather, eating everything. Christa Lenz, Ilse Langnar, Nifa, and Mina Caroline were on the cheer squad with Petra. Coach Erwin Smith led the Survey Corps, with Co-Coach Mike Zaccarius by his side. Cheer Coach Hanje Zoe, also the science teacher, lead the cheer team, who she liked to call the Support Squad.

    Rose High School was a smaller school in the town of Trost. Maria High was located in Shingashira, and Sina Private Academy was located in Stohess, home of the Military Police. There was another school with their team, the Garrison, but they never really played against the Survey Corps and their Coach Dot Pixis would be retiring soon, handing the team possibly over to Rico, his co-coach.

    Sophomore year was good on Levi. He had his two best friends, Farlan, who was usually helping the Literature teacher, and Isabel, who was in the art club and volunteered at the local animal shelter with Petra, Levi’s girlfriend. All was well. He was doing better in his subjects, meanwhile staying with Farlan after Levi’s uncle, Kenny, got arrested for murder. Yes, this year was good on Levi. Until that night his world was thrown out the window, when he lost it all. Coach Smith and Cheer Coach Hanje tried to help him cope, but he shooed them away. Farlan’s parents let Levi stay, and he was forever grateful. But Levi missed three people the most: Isabel, Farlan, and Petra. Isabel and Farlan were Levi’s first friends, always there and sticking by him. Levi loved Petra more than the world, and they were determined to be married after graduation. He sat by her as he watched her die, her eyes fade. She smiled and said faintly, “I love you”, words he’d never forget. She was his light, his sun, moon, and stars. Levi didn’t quit the Survey Corps, they needed him. Rose High School went through a period of grieving. Levi remembered seeing Christa Lenz, one of the cheerleaders, crying in the office. Christa’s best friend, Ymir, had transferred to Maria High last school year. This was surely hard on her. He continued on with his same bored expression. He saw Eren, clutching his hand in a fist and banging it on a cafeteria table, his body shaking from anger and sobs. Mikasa rubbed his back, murmuring words of comfort. Armin had tears in his eyes as he entered the library. Sasha wasn’t eating and Connie wasn’t making jokes. Jean and Marco sat and talked, sadness etched in their voices.

    This school is different without them. The air is full of dread. One more year and they would’ve been seniors. Why was this world so cruel to him? What had he done to deserve this heartache?

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