A Heart That Can't Be Fixed

Shingeki no Kyojin Modern AU. Levi is the captain of Rose High School's football team, The Survey Corps. When they finally triumph over their rivals, the Titans of Maria High, he looses everything close to him, is the road to recovery is too far for his feet to carry him? Or is it all just a dream? [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE MANGA]


8. Anmerkung des Autors & Nebenhandlung



Petra ran over to Levi, a slip of paper in her hand. “Levi!”

Levi looked up at Petra, raising his eyebrows. “Yeah?”

“xxShowMeTheStarsChinBoyxx wrote an author’s note for us and all the readers! She said it’s very important.” Petra sat next to Levi, showing him the paper.

“What does that have to do with me?” He groaned, rolling his eyes and turning away.

Petra huffed, crossing her arms and throwing the note at Levi. “I said “us”, didn’t I? Now read it!”

“Fine.” Levi sighed, unfolding the slip.


Hey Readers! It’s xxShowMeTheStarsChinBoyxx, and I have to say WOW. This Modern AU story was a concept I thought up, explaining the Modern AU deaths of Farlan, Isabel, and Squad Levi. I became happy with the progress, until I suddenly realized I wasn’t happy with the deaths. So I made it a dream, and went with it. But WOW. Just over five hundred views? It’s insane, it means so much to me! Unfortunately, within the next two, maybe three weeks, it will be impossible for me to update. Life is getting crazy, and busy, and I find myself crammed with things to do. This is not the end of this story, only the beginning! I am planning so many new chapters, so many new stories! So to give you a little present, here’s a bit of a little story for you guys! My treat!

Until we meet again,



“Here’s the story! I remember this one!” Petra sighed, handing another piece of paper to Levi.

Levi clicked his tongue, grabbing the paper. “Let’s get this over with.”


Levi followed Isabel into the pet shelter, Petra close behind. He let out a sigh, closing the glass door behind him. Isabel wanted him to meet this stupid bird, whose wing was broken and had healed up and taken a liking to her.

Petra convinced him to go, saying, “It’ll make her happy.”

Levi hoped it would, until he heard her cry out. Levi and Petra ran to Isabel, Petra grabbing her wrist. “Isabel! Are you okay!”

“Where is he?!” Isabel gasped, looking into a cage. “He-He’s not here!”

Petra and Levi looked into the birdcage, which was empty and void of, well, a bird. Isabel looked up at them, tears gathering in her eyes. “You don’t think he-”

“Isabel, I’m sure he’s fine. Isn’t that right, Levi?” Petra assured, turning to her raven-haired boyfriend.

“Yeah.” Levi replied, staring at them with a stoic face.

“Are you looking for the bird that was in there?” A lady asked, addressing the three teens.

“Yes! Is he okay?” Isabel cried, grabbing the woman’s shoulders, bottom lip quivering.

The woman laughed. “Better than okay! He was adopted last week.”

“While we were at the hospital…” Isabel sighed, dejected.

“But Isabel! It means he has a home, where he’s safe and sound.” Petra said, trying to comfort her friend. “Isn’t that right, Levi?”


“I guess you’re right.” Isabel sniffed, wiping her eyes.

Petra patted Isabel’s back. “You need to learn to let go, especially with a job like this.”

“You’re right.” Isabel sighed. “He’s happy…”


“Bye Guys! See you in the next chapter!” Petra waved, nudging Levi.

“Bye, brats.”

“Levi, don’t call the the Readers brats!” She scolded, Levi crossing his arms and rolling his eyes.

“Whatever. They don’t care.”


“Petra, put a lid on it.”

“Well, bye guys!”

“See you soon, brats.”






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