A Heart That Can't Be Fixed

Shingeki no Kyojin Modern AU. Levi is the captain of Rose High School's football team, The Survey Corps. When they finally triumph over their rivals, the Titans of Maria High, he looses everything close to him, is the road to recovery is too far for his feet to carry him? Or is it all just a dream? [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE MANGA]


2. Anhänger

    Levi woke up the same as always. His alarm would go off at 6, alerting both him and Farlan to wake up. He sat up, pushing his bangs away from his face. Farlan pushed back the covers on the top of their bunk, climbing down the ladder and smiling at Levi. “Good morning, Levi.”

Levi nodded, getting out of bed. Isabel came to their house around 6:30, to hang out with them until Farlan drove to the school around 7:45. Isabel was grinning and rapidly speaking of a little bird that just came into the shelter.

“You know, Levi-bro,” Isabel grinned, “there is a pretty girl who started working at the shelter with me! I think you’d like her.”

Levi turned to face her. Levi was sitting in the passenger seat, with Isabel in the back. He reached his arm over, flicking her forehead. She let out a yelp, sticking her tongue out at him.

Farlan laughed, shaking his head. “Really Levi. You should get to know more people.”

“I know people.” Levi snapped, turning to his best friend.

“Oh really? Who?” Farlan smirked, pulling into the parking lot.

Levi glanced at a kid out the window. He suddenly spotted a kid with a blonde bob, who he recognized as the kicker. “I know Mop-Top over there. He’s the Survey Corps’ kicker.”

Isabel grinned, leaning over. “What’s his name?”

Levi blanked. Crap, what was that kid’s name? It started with an A… Ar… Armond? No, no, who would name their kid Armond? Maybe… Aaron? Sounded right, or maybe Carl. He looks like a Carl.

“Carl.” Levi settled with.

Isabel rolled down her window. Levi didn’t have time to stop her. “HEY CARL!” Isabel yelled, startling Mop-Top and almost making him drop his books. He turned to Isabel, disappointment etched on his face. “It’s Armin! Armin Arlert!”

Levi closed his eyes, sighing as Isabel rolled the window back up. “He looks like a Carl though.”

“That was very rude.” Levi murmured, brushing dust off the door handle and pushing the car door open.

“Since when did you care?” Isabel gasped, mocking surprise as she exited the car. Levi threw her a deadly glare and gave her a “tch” before slamming the door shut.

The three walked into Rose High School (RHS), Isabel back to babbling about her bird. Levi didn’t care to listen, just walking to the cafeteria with them to wait for school to start. They settled at a table, Levi pulling out a book and beginning to read.

“Ah! Petra! Come here!”

Levi looked up to see Isabel waving her arm crazily, standing as she beckoned a girl over. The world around Levi seemed to stop as she watched the girl walk towards them. Shoulder length ginger hair, brown eyes, a smile that lit up the room. She wore a pendant around her neck, two overlapping wings, the symbol of their sports teams. The pendant was something the cheerleaders were always given, with their name and year on it. The football members got jackets, like the one Levi wore.

“Levi-bro! This is the girl I told you about. Levi, Petra. Petra, Levi.” Isabel squealed, a grin crossing her face. Levi watched Petra reach her hand out.

“Hello Levi! I’m Petra Ral.”

“Levi Ackerman.” he replied, shaking her warm hand.

He never knew the relationship that would branch from that handshake, or the way it would end. When Petra had passed, one of the doctors sat on the floor next to Levi in the hall. She said how sorry she was, crap like that. Then she reached into her pocket, giving Levi the overlapping wings, the pendant dangling on a woven leather chain. He would wear it for a while to come.

Levi sometimes sorted different kinds of paperwork in Coach Smith’s office, or rather, Erwin’s office as the coach told Levi to call him. After that he’d meet with Isabel, Petra, and Farlan, they’d drop the two girls off at the pet shelter, and Farlan and Levi would drive home. So the day would go.

Everyone knew of the rivalry between Coach Dok at Sina Private Academy, or SPA, which was ironic as the place was a cushy as a spa, and Coach Erwin Smith. It also extended to Maria High, MHS, to Coach Zeke. The Survey Corps, Military Police, and Titans seemed to always be in a triangle of hate and competition, where the Garrison of Wall High usually stayed away.

    But the loss of six students in RHS was enough to make most of the schools feel sympathy. MHS just turned away, spreading rumors of drunk driving and drugs, where the car and students were free of both alcohol and drugs. Levi wanted to punch their principal, Rod Reiss, in the face. With those six, Levi was able to smile, laugh. He missed the way Farlan had his trust, the way Gunther and Eld would clap Levi’s back, the way Isabel would see him as a big brother, the way Oluo would imitate him and try to be like him. And Petra. The way she made him feel love.


A/N- I had to make a TFS reference. ;D

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