The Paranormal Problem

4 best friends are having the time of their life in 5th grade, their last year in elementary school, the big fish in a little pond. All of a sudden, odd things start happening. This is not the first time paranormal occurrences have been reported in Silver Valley Elementary School, and they are concerned. Are they safe? Is anybody safe? Will they be able to solve the paranormal problem?


2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

~2 Years Later~

Recess. It's always recess. My friends, Gabbi, Lizzi, Luci, and I were drawing on the board when Marc comes up behind me and taps me on the shoulder.

"Hey, Lili?" he says in a questioning tone.

I whip my head around. A billion thoughts go through my mind. Why did he just tap me on the shoulder? was probably the simplest one, so I push all the other thoughts out of my head. "What's up?" I ask nervously.

"Um, me and Thomas were wondering if you could come to the back table, we have something to tell you. Bring your friends." Then he turns away quickly and practically runs back to the table. I make a face, and turn to Gabbi.

"Can you get Luci and Lizzi? Marc wants us to come to the back table." She looks at me, her expression a mixture of confusion and excitement, and passes the message on to the others. They get similar looks on their faces, but shrug it off and follow me to the back table.

I reach the boys and pull out a chair and sit down. "So, why do you want us?" I question as my best friends sit down around me. Thomas looks at Marc, and Marc gives him a thumbs up.

Thomas takes a deep breath and starts talking. "Well, you remember the ghost that haunted this school in third grade, right?"

I shuddered. "Of course I do. Don't you remember what happened?" I replied, but my friends were shaking their heads, confused. At first I didn't understand why, but then I realized.

"You guys weren't in my class in third grade, no wonder you don't remember the phantom ghost! I'll fill you in later, let's listen for now." They nodded, and moved their attention back to Thomas.

Thomas heaved another great sigh and continued on. "Well, I think it's back." I gasped, and my friends followed suit, recognizing my worry.

"Why do you think that?" I asked with worry.

"Well, I was coming out of the bathroom, and it appeared right in front of me. I blinked, and when I opened my eyes, it was gone." Thomas concluded.

Shaken, I pushed out my chair and got up. "Well, thanks for telling me, I'll, erm, look into it. Bye," I said quickly, starting to walk away.

"Wait!" I heard Marc call, "I saw something too!"

I turned back around. "Tell me," I said.

"Well," he started, "I was walking down the hall, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw the ghost. I practically ran down that hallway," he said, shuddering.

I didn't know what to say. "Thanks for the info, I guess. Now that you mentioned the ghost, I got that creepy old house stuck in my head." There was a creepy old house close to Silver Valley Elementary, and I was convinced it was haunted. It was covered in ivy and things, and anyone who rode the school bus would see it coming into school.

Just then the bell rang. I was ready to get out of there, and it was evident my friends were too, as we all practically ran out of the classroom. As we walked down the halls, I relayed the story of what happened to me in third grade to them. "Wow," Gabbi said, "I had no idea that happened."

"Yeah." I replied, "Just a thought, but I think we should tell Karian about this and get her involved." Luci, Lizzi, and Gabbi wrinkled their noses. Kari wasn't the most popular person, to put it nicely. "Just consider it!" I exclaimed, though I knew they wouldn't give in.

We finally reached the cafeteria. After getting our lunch, we sat down at our table. "I have to go to the bathroom," Lizzi declared.

"No!" I practically shrieked. The girls looked at me like I was an alien. "Someone go with her, at least."

Luci volunteered. "I will!" Gabbi and I watched as they asked to go to the bathroom, and Lizzi walked to the bathroom and Luci came back towards us. "They only let one of us go, and since Lizzi actually had to go, she went. I don't see what the big deal is anyway."

I inhaled sharply. "Did I not mention that my little incident happened in the bathroom?!" I said hotly. Their faces turned white.

"Oh no," I heard Gabbi say softly, as we waited for Lizzi to come back in silence.

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