A Face in the Window

I am just an ordinary girl. Or at least that's what I thought in the beginning. But things are different now. Apparently your not normal if your whole family was brutally murdered, or that someone is trying to kill you. So yeah maybe I'm not normal, oh but maybe I'm just more un-normal than you could ever imagine.


1. The Small but Deadly Beginning

"And then he hugged me!! We held hands the whole rest of class! He even kissed me on the cheek before going to his next class!!!" An excited Lily whispers next to me. We are in 5th hour History. We sit in the very back so she can give me all the juicy details about her new boyfriend. He's been her crush for 2 weeks. She crushes on jus about every guy here. Then she gets him and he's gone by the next week. I wonder how long this guy will last. He seems nice, and I feel bad that she's totally gonna break his heart but I mean, that's what she does. She's The Heartbreaker. I'm not really anyone. Just me. Just Jamie Springs. Ordinary middle schooler. I've never had a boyfriend. Don't really want one either. I'm not looking for love. Just someone to be there for me. Yeah I mean Lily's cool but she's not always there. She's everywhere, yeah, but she's not one I confide into. I guess she's just my friend jus to be my friend. I don't have a lot of friends anyway tho. I drown her out after a while. Listening to the ever so dull teacher Mr. Warner drone on and on about The Holocaust. Makes me sad that all those people died. But their are dead and gone. Nothing you can do about it now. That's the horrible truth in life, once someone is gone, they are gone forever. I know that for a fact. My whole family. Just gone. I was at school one day in Kindergarten when I was called down to the office. It's always a scary thing to be called down, you never know if your in trouble or not. Not that I did anything, not that I ever did anything. Still makes you nervous though. So I go down and I'm told to get my things. I get them and come back. The office lady tells me to get in the car with the nice man and he's gonna take me to see my family. I reluctantly get into the car and we go to the hospital. I remember the white walls and interior. The bland floors and furniture. The way it's smells so sickly in there and how it was so sad. All the people looked worried or anxious. I recognized my aunt among the crowd. Aunt Jenna is my moms younger sister. Dad didn't have any siblings. I had 3 older sisters and 2 younger brothers. Mom just had Jenna who is 32 years younger than her. My mom was 45 when she died. My dad was 44. Aunt Jenna was 13 when I became part of her family. I run over to Jenna and she picks me up and hugs me close. No one tells me why we are there. No one told me what happened that day. I still don't really know. All I know is that my family was all murdered and that someone is trying to kill me.

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