The Stereotypes

Four people from different stereotypes (athlete, class clown, theater kid, and class president) break the stereotypes and become best friends just as school ends for the year. Read whole story to find out what happens over the summer, will there be drama, or adventure, maybe both…


2. Class President

"Beep! Beep! Beep!" Goes the alarm of the mint green clock in my tumblr-fied bedroom. 

"Good morning bedroom, good morning chirping birds, good morning Cassie. (My dog) I can't wait for the last day of school, then I can work on myself instead of my fellow students, you don't know how stressful doing all these activities is Cassie, I have no time for myself or family." 

Cassie just glances tiredly at me. Probably thinking, "Why did you wake me up, yes, I have to pee, but I want to sleep." 

"Ugh, it's just so hard trying to balance all my activities, my weekends are typically spent working on projects for my activities and trying to continue to post videos for my YouTube channel. I almost have 100,000 subscribers and I would really like to reach that goal this summer. I will definitely post way more videos this summer." I think aloud as I try to make my bed, however, it doesn't work when you have a dog laying in the middle. "Cassie, move, my room has to stay clean!" Being the obedient dog she is, she gets up, slowly but surely, and moves to the floor. 

After changes into a white tanktop and coral skirt, I put my hair in my typical ponytail, put on the tiniest bit of makeup, grab my backpack and head downstairs for breakfast.

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