The Stereotypes

Four people from different stereotypes (athlete, class clown, theater kid, and class president) break the stereotypes and become best friends just as school ends for the year. Read whole story to find out what happens over the summer, will there be drama, or adventure, maybe both…


1. About the Characters

NOTE: I got really in depth with the characters personalities!


Bailey: Class President, perfectionist, control freak, red hair, green eyes, typically wears a sweatshirt and skinny jeans, does any and every after school activity, potter head, Ravenclaw


Josephine: Class Clown, brown hair, blue eyes, best trait is humor (obviously) will only wear high top converse sneakers, loves softball, clumsy, potter head, Gryffindor


Savannah: Athlete, loves soccer, sits with all the jocks at lunch, brown hair, brown eyes, tries to join loads of sports teams for the school, potter head, Gryffindor


Liliana: Theater kid, boy crazy, absolute girly girl, blonde hair, brown eyes, Ravenclaw, gets a part in every school play and musical, gets a solo for chorus class

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