<EXO> Love or Hate?

Name:Park Kristal
Favourite Food:Duh,Kitkats
Favourite bands:BTS,BIG BANG

I'm always a shy girl that daydream about dreamy guys.And read fanfic a about them.I have a brother,who is in Exo.He take good care of me and always bring me to his concerts and performances.i don't really like Exo but who knows?Say,can I get his band members attention?
Or could I possible fall in love with my brother?OMG HAHhHA
Read to find out~


1. <1>

Kristal's POV



My phone rang.

"HEYLOW!Who is it ARG?!I'M IN MY SLEEP!HOW DARE YOU CALL ME EARLY IN THE MORNING!"I shouted as I answered my phone.

"Aigooo,Kristal,it's already 12pm and you call this EARLY?ARE YOU KIDDING ME?OH GOSH.." My brother told me over to phone.

You must be wondering,why is my brother calling me?isnt him suppose to live in the same house as me?HA.

Just a few months ago,our parents divorced.My mom and dad decided that we are old enough to live on our own so they left us the house we had in Korea.They went with their own families,mum moved over to Canada while dad moved to China.

I'm living with my grandpa in the house our parents left for us. My older brother,Chanyeol,who's 20 this year is serving in the army thus,he don't live with us.He comes back occasionally.

He's a really good brother,he work hard and send money back for me and grandpa.And he even bring back Kitkats for me HEHEHE

My grandpa,who's in his 60s,is still very healthy and be owns pastries shop.He can really make delicious pastries!

And for myself,my name is Park Kristal and I am 18 this year.


"Kristal!Are you listening to you brother?I said that I'm going to come back this weekend and I'm taking you to a conce-"My brother shouted as he tried to get my attention but got cut off by me.

"Eh?!?Concert?!?OMFG!!I lOVE YOU SO MuCHH!GE,GE!!"I Exclaimed after hearing the word concert.

I can mentally feel my brother sighing and shaking his head behind the phone KEKKEKE


So,how was it?😰I know it's super short but I'll update

And I know chanyeol isn't half Chinese but for this story,just pretend he is 😂Thks~

Pls give me you thoughts and comment 😙


Like,Fav and Fan~


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