The Wolf

When I was young, mom told me the story of red riding hood, only we used to called it Layla and the Wolf.
The Wolf tells the same story, but waay differently.








Alfie looks so good to be real. Maybe that’s why I was so suspicious. Perfect-looking people are always suspicious. But he was being nice, and it was only fair to let him walk me to my grandma’s. And besides, he’s a guy and he will probably help me if I faced some wolves on my way. We talked in our way.

“Is Alfie short for something?”I asked. “Like, Alfred?”

“What? No. Is Layla?” He asked. I laughed.

“No, of course not.” He laughed sheepishly.

“Was this a dumb question?”

“Um, kinda.” I said laughing again.

“I guess I’m just nervous.” Alfie said, offering to take my basket. This time I let him carry it for me.

“And why’s that? You’re far from home?”

“No, it’s not that. I’m just not used to taking a walk with such a pretty girl.” I’m pretty much I blushed, because I felt my face burning. I don’t remember any guy ever complementing me. I haven’t even talked to many boys before. What was wrong with me? God, am I that desperate? I cleared my throat.

“Thank you.” I lift my head. “But you’re probably used to it.”

“Yeah? And why’s that?” I rolled my eyes.

“Come on, you just want me to say it.”

“Say what?” He said, raising his both eyebrows. They were thick and brown, a shade darker than his brown, full hair. Three shades darker than his hazel eyes. His eyes were very light that they looked gold. He looked so good. I realized I was staring right then. “Hello?”

“That you look good yourself.” He blinked twice, fast.

“Well that’s nice of you. But really, you’re the first girl I have ever walked with.” I decided to give up and continue walking.

“I think we’re near.”

“you think?”

“I don’t know the way there.”

“How about I lead the way and if I ended up finding the place or the way to it at least, you’ll meet me again tomorrow?” I smiled.

“You’re quite confident, aren’t you?” He laughed.

“I am.” I thought about it. I was already too lost and I had no idea where to go to, why not spend my birthday in the woods? And besides, it’s not like I’ll be stuck here forever, I will go to grandma’s and I will give her the basket, but why not have some fun first?

“Alright. But you better not get me lost.”

“As if you’re not already lost.” He said, rolling his eyes. I laughed.

“I mean, more lost.”

“Oh you’ll get lost all right.” I looked at him, questioningly. “In my eyes.” He said with a wink, dramatically. I hit him on the arm.

“Lame.” He laughed, and so did I.

I decided the woods isn’t such a dark place after all.







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