Give Me Love

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2. Two





// Astrid //

"Look who's finally awake." I woke up and instantly saw a very familiar smirk looking down at me. "Oh shit." I had totally forgot I had morning classes so I quickly peeled back the covers and grabbed my toothbrush. I basically ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. after doing that I hurriedly jumped in the shower letting the water run down my back smoothly. I walked out of the bathroom with only a towel with my hair dripping wet. "Someone is a little late" "Shut up" I said pulling out some random clothes and putting them on quickly.

I suddenly stopped and turned to look at the guy "You" I said in a shocked voice. I had realized that he was the guy I thought was cute and almost killed myself on the gate for him. "Me" he said smirking again. "I feel so embarrassed"  quickly grabbed my books and my phone. "I will talk to you later but right now I'm kind of in a rush" I said closing the door behind me without getting him have enough time to respond. "First class" I said quietly to myself. good thing I had checked out my classes the day before.

I walked into my Computer Tech. class and quickly took a seat in the back of the classroom. I looked around the room and saw that there were still people settling in and some people have not arrived yet. I quietly smile to myself and thanked the heavens I wasn't late. to pass by time I took out y headphones and listened to my music. If I lost y earphones or broke them I would be so lost without them music was everything to me I enjoyed listening to it and the different genres they have.

After class I walked back to my dorm and plopped on my bed in defeat. I was so tired, "Oh hey there girl who busted her ass at the parking lot while staring at me" he said smirking once again, "yea sooo funny and oh by the way I have a name and I almost killed myself for you" "Haha sure you did and what is your name?" "My name is Astrid" I said while smiling slightly at him. "Well Astrid how about we take a little walk?"


Hey loves so I am updating this book so late at night but I am trying to go along with my schedule soooo yea hope u guys like this so far I'm trying to not make tis book go too fast but also I don't want it to go too slow but yea see ya later loves

Stay Sexy XOXO



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