Give Me Love

Read to find out ;)


1. One

// Astrid //

"Astrid are you ready yet?, its almost time for us to go." "Yea mom I coming just have to pack a few more items." I hurried up and packed my toothbrush and my hair brush, and rushed down the stairs. "Do you need help." "yes please" I said as I gave one of my many bags to my mom. I was so scared but so excited to be leaving for college I promised my mom that I would not party as much as I did in high school, I also promised myself that I would not only act like an adult but dress like one too. After me and my mom hauled my bags in the car I hopped in the passenger quickly putting on my seatbelt. Usually I would have put in my earbuds and let the music block out the whole world, but since this is the last time I will see my mother before fall break. So I wanted to talk and spend some time with her. "Astrid?" "Yes mom?" "Please do me one favor, Don't forget your mother while your here" I saw that my mom was tearing up. "Mom are you crazy?! I would never forget you, you are so important to me you are the only person I have right now" My dad left my mom when he found out she was pregnant, I will never forgive him, he has tried to reach out to me by sending my letters but I always read them but never responded. My mom pulled the keys out of the ignition. We just sat in the car in silence for a little while, it felt nice just to sit and think. I opened up my car door and started getting my stuff out. Soon after a while I saw my mom helping me get my boxes.


As I was walking closer and closer to the gates I took this time to see what kind of people I was going to be seeing throughout this place. I adverted my attention to a tall guy with nice dark brown hair he looked cute. As I was staring at him and walking at the same time I crashed into the gate. "Hahaa honey are you okay?" my mom asked while laughing. I glared at her but I couldn't help but start laughing too. I got up and dusted off my pants and continued to walk but before I walked into the building I took a glance at the boy again and saw that he was smirking. Oh god what did I get my self into I thought to myself.

I opened my dorm room and started to unpack my stuff, when I finished my mom gave me the longest hug I have ever received. I kissed her on the cheek and told her goodbye. I made sure she went to her car safe, and once she left I went back to my dorm. I walked over to my bed and started checking my social media on my phone. I guess my roommate hasn't came yet I thought to myself. I decided to go check out the school and also check out the classes I had so I can know where the classrooms are. After I checked out my classes I went back to my dorm and fell asleep Listening to my music


So what do you guys think of this so far? I was trying o do something not too cliché but I think I FAILED lol but I hope u guys really do enjoy this and thank you so much for reading :)

Stay Sexy XOXO

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