Give Me Love

Read to find out ;)


4. Four

// Astrid // "Yes?" I said trying my hardest not to giggle. "Did you put hair dye in my shampoo?" as soon as he said that I came face to face with a bright teal colored hair dripping wet monster. "No I was calling my mom to tell her I love her" I said looking at him seriously. "Don't lie" he said coming closer with his towel draped around his lower half. "I-I'm not lying" "Oh really?" "Yes" I said nodding my head. "Okay well I will just have to find out who did then" he said walking away slowly. "Oh and what is your name?" I said walking towards him. "Jake" he said looking at me deeply. "Well jake I might just be the one who put hair dye in your shampoo..." OKAY OKAY I KNOW THIS UPDATE SUCKS ASS BUT I HAD TO POST ONE SINCE I WAS LATE ON UPDATE AND IM SO SORRY BUT I HOPE U STILL ENJOYED Stay Sexy XOXO
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