Love Child

"Love Child" which tells the story of Abigail Martin. George Martin Is in love with Ellen Forrester and they want to get married but the outbreak of WW1 makes Ellen hesitate and after a night of passion she finds herself pregnant. She is forced to give up the child for adoption after George is killed. She has to look after her sick mother and her younger brother. Read what happens in this fascinating story of love, murder, and intrigue. the story will take you from 1920 -1973


76. 76

If you just sign here Miss Martin we can conclude our business. Linda signed two documents then the Journal and the deeds were handed over.

If you should decide to sell the properties Miss Martin I can recommend someone who can do that for you.’

Thank you Mr Huntley.

Linda was still in shock as she walked back down the street to the train station she sat down at a table on the train when it arrived and opened the first page of the Journal called “Love Child.’







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