Aaliyah has always been the fat girl. she's always been picked on. what happens when she turns into a rebel.? what happens when she shows up her first day of sophomore year lookin better than ever.? what happens when her worst tormentor falls in love with her.? will she run away like she always does.? or will she stay.?


1. about me

my name is Aalyiah Marie Thomson. I'm 16. I have long black hair that

goes to the tip of my butt and the bluest eyes. my mom and dad got

divorced. they got divorced because my dad thought she spent too much

time at work. after they got divorced my dad wanted to move houses. we

moved houses and bought a two story house. I got the biggest room

upstairs, my 10 year old sister Michelle got the 2nd biggest, my dad got the

biggest downstairs, and we had two extra rooms. we had a room upstairs

and downstairs. we turned those bedrooms into guest rooms. and you'll

never believe who I live by. my biggest tormentor Adrian Johnson. he's

picked on my weight since day 1. and his comments were always more

harsh and more hurtful. I've been chunky from elementary school to middle

school. after 8th grade I decided I was fed up with the bullying. I joined a

gym for 5 days a week. eventually I started to see a difference. I started a

summer job of babysitting and got a lot of money from that. with that

money I bought a lot of new clothes and makeup for my freshman year so

hopefully I would stop being bullied. I tried to keep up with the fashion

trends. my freshman year I still got bullied. so over summer break before

sophomore year I just bought what I liked and what was comfortable. I still

wore makeup so I would be prettier but I just dressed how I liked. how do

you think people will react.? do you think their judgements will change

about me.? I mean, you know what they say, once a fat girl, always a fat


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