It All Began With A Question (Louis Tomilinson/One Direction)

"Do you want to go with me on tour One Direction?" My father asked me. But, little did we know, that is how I ended up here.
"Sure, I mean, what could possibly go wrong?" I answered back.
Something wrong happened, I fell in love, but now, I wouldn't change it for the world.
This is my story of how I fell for Louis Tomlinson.


1. Chapter 1: Goodbye School, Hello One Direction Soon


I drove home alone.. All alone, my mom passed away when she had me and my dad being One Direction's new manager can be hard. My dad, Matt Emsell, yes 5 Seconds of Summer's manager too, your dad is busy.. I know. I hardly get to see him, Michael Clifford is like my older chill and good listener brother, Ashton Irwin is well.. Like a second dad, Calum Hood he is my buddy to play soccer with and we whine about not being able to get cuddles then Luke cuddles me as Michael cuddles him, and lastly but not least.. Luke Hemmings, my little penguin, we bonded after we met, we are the same age. Hell, I even helped Michael and him bond and become friends and the best of band mates.

Oh, I am sorry for not telling you about me. I feel so guilty.

My name is Katherine, but you can call me Kat, Kit-Kat, Katy, Kitten, anything to be honest, but not shy girl, freak, bitch, etc. I hate those nicknames.

I am nineteen, I am the shortest one ever at 4'6, in case you wanted to know. My dad tells me that I look exactly like my mom, and she would be proud of us for continuing our dreams, I just got accepted into the online college I applied to, I have one best friend behind all of this fame and fortune, his name is Xavier, he is 5'8. No, I mean at first I liked him, but he told me that he is gay and has a boyfriend, I didn't mind, I always wanted a gay best friend, his boyfriend's name is Chase, his height is 5'5 and I am friends with him as well and also I am the best of friends with Xavier's little sister she is two years younger than us, which makes her seventeen and her name is Hope, she is 5'4, I am born and raised in Australia but soon moving to England, I just hope to make friends when I get there.



"Dad! You home?" I call, nothing. I sigh and go upstairs and change into lazy clothes.

I take a sip of my hot chocolate, and moan at the warmness, it is winter here in Aussie and is extremely cold. I love kids, I actually have a two year old daughter, her name is Alice.

Her dad left when she was born, but she should be home with Hope soon, so bye for now. :)

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