Secret Titels


1. 23th of August

Dear Diary

Im going to start writing in this diary. I have never written in a diary before.

My name is Etlequko, but thats my dragon name. My human name is Scarlett

I have red hair. Its usually sat in a messy bun. I have two best friends. Their names are Alvina and Mckenna.

I should probably not write this but. Alvina is secretly an elf, while Mckenna is secretly a werewolf. Though, she can only change into a wolf during full moon, when she gets angry or scared.

Im secretly a dragon. Cool, right? I can grow wings and fly! Also yes, i can breathe fire.

Anyways, its still summer break, so im still just not doing anything. That's also why i don't have anything else to write.

Bye, to whoever reads this.

Scarlett Valent

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