Perceiving The Muse

Two normal girls, best friends, decide to take a gaze at the night sky. A shooting star passed their way as they made a wish. Little did they know they were to bond and share their ideas of life.


1. Prologue: Volume 1

We see certain things in different ways,

our own personal thought of things.

We can think something so much faster than we an speak them.

No one can hear our thoughts but us. Most people don't pay attention to the wonders of life until they sit down and express their feel of what they see through their own eyes. It's like feeling something against one person's skin while another person wouldn't feel the same touch, since it's only touching the one person.

Others can see your whole face, but you only see your nose. When you think about it, souls do exist, or we'd all feel the same and see our own face.

Sometimes we feel as if we are alone, as if no one can see what we see or feel how we feel.

I have never seen a science version or explanation of this.

I thought I was the only one who thought about this until my best friend and I gazed at the star together and vented all of our thoughts, and we realized we had the same thing in mind.

This is our story...

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