All stories have two sides. Meet Rosie Wyatt and Pixie Evans as they tell you the series of events from their different perspectives. It'll leave you on a real cliffhanger!


8. Chapter 7

Let me draw you back to the day I was allowed off the cliff in my deep blue floaty dress. It was the best day ever. Ben and I had been getting close for a few weeks when he finally invited me to go for a meal one Saturday evening. It was a progression from the lunches at the cafe, plus we were spending an evening together. I decided to dress up a bit as I was desperate to impress him. It had been my one goal since he talked to me about his mum. It was 7 o'clock exactly when my doorbell rang. I dashed to the door with no shoes on, ready to go out, when Ben pointed to my feet and started laughing. I invited him in whilst I sorted my shoes out.
"Sorry, I'm not as organised or on time as you," I laughed through my blush red coloured cheeks.
He laughed, "it's okay. I'll forgive you." He winked at me as he walked around my house, looking up and down at the walls and photo frames.
We finally arrived at the restaurant where we had a reserved table in the corner of the room. He knew that I liked corners as my claustrophobia kicked in when we were at restaurants. As he always did, he pulled out the chair for me and pushed it in when I was sat down. We both ordered food and some champagne.
"Thanks for bringing me here Ben, it's really nice," I said across the table.
Ben reached his arms out to stroke my hands. "Anything for you, Ro."
We were both sat there grinning like idiots until our food arrived. After a lovely meal, great conversation and a glass of champagne, I allowed Ben to walk me back home. We stumbled on the cobbled streets as we laughed about inane bullshit. The dim lights lit up the street and the atmosphere was quiet. As we got closer to my house, I felt Ben's hand brush against my waist as he was trying to find my hand. I made his job easier and pushed my hand back. Our fingers touched as we wrapped them around each other's and strolled down the street in the dark, cold air. He had given me his suit jacket when I was complaining that I was cold. That was the night when I felt an immense passion for him. Whilst we were strolling along, silently in our own separate worlds, I heard the pattering of the rain.
"Ben! It's raining!" I laughed as I dragged his hand. We ran down the street in the heavy rain. I could feel my dress clinging to my thighs and my heels shaking as we ran down the very last street. Ben still had a firm grip of my hand and refused to let go. When we reached my house, I grabbed the keys and unlocked the door. He came running in after me, shutting the door and flicking on the light as he laughed. I spun around to look at him pushing back his smooth hair from his face. I laughed, panting.
"I wasn't expecting that," I laughed as I tried to peel my dress from my thighs. Ben laughed as he came closer to me. I bit my lip, feeling quite tense but excited at the same time.
"I guess rain makes it all a little more romantic," he replied as he locked his eyes with mine. The right moment was there and we both stole it. He moved towards me as I stood on my tiptoes. The next thing I know, my arms are around his neck, his around my waist, and we are locked in a soft kiss. His lips against mine felt like pure satin. They were inviting, warning and soft. That was the moment we both realised we wanted each other. I closed my eyes and felt the passion and intensity between us. I knew it was our time. I woke up the following morning next to Ben's warm, naked body. Our clothes were scattered across my bedroom floor and the candles were still flickering. I was surprised we hadn't set on fire. I looked over at Ben who was wide awake. He looked confident again and his eyes lit up.
"Well this is a lovely way to wake up," Ben smiled as he reached out to hold my hand.
"Agreed," I giggled as I rubbed my thumb on his hand.
"So Ro, did last night make it official?"
"Make what official?" I teased.
"Us, Ro. I mean, you're the only one who was able to cheer me up. The only one I could open up to. And I've fallen in love with you. I want you to build a partnership with me. I want us," he smiled as he spoke the words fit for poetry.
"I'm a sucker for poets," I laughed as I reached over to kiss him. "You belong to me, sunshine."


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