All stories have two sides. Meet Rosie Wyatt and Pixie Evans as they tell you the series of events from their different perspectives. It'll leave you on a real cliffhanger!


7. Chapter 6

They say that everything happens for a reason, and life is just a bag which gets filled with good and bad things, but they're all there for a reason. Wether that is to teach us a lesson or just to show us what life can offer. When Darcy left the office, I was tempted to give up myself. The initial reason that I didn't is because it paid well and I needed the money. I mean, they needed to find someone new to replace Darcy and I was keen to find out who it was. When they arrived, they were a tall, dark figure dressed in a neat suit. When he turned around, I caught a glimpse of his rich, chocolate brown eyes. I loved his figure and how confident he looked within his skin. Confidence being something I'd never had. His pale brown hair was gelled up quite neatly. Anyone could tell he wanted to look presentable. We found out his name was Benjamin Lewis. He worked in Darcy's office next to me. Though I tried to be polite, I always ended up looking like a bitch. I didn't mean to do that, but Darcy's snappy personality had rubbed off on me. "Hey, Rosie isn't it?" he said as he filed some papers and sat down on his chair.
"That's me, and you're Benjamin?"
"Ben." He looked up at me with his chocolate swirly eyes and drew me into his soul. Of course, I fell straight for them, but something inside me was stopping me from being nice.
"So you've taken the job of a really great friend," I hissed as I took a pen and started scribbling some notes on to a piece of paper. I was marking down the address of someone I'd have to visit later in that week.
"Oh, I'm sorry," he replied as he looked at me with a hint of disappointment in his eyes. I decided not to reply after that. I couldn't be bothered with trivial conversation where I'd mainly just snap at him. Work wasn't fun without Darcy anymore so I decided to just keep my head down and not become involved with any co-workers.
A few weeks after that incident, he wasn't there anymore. He didn't come in for some reason. As far as I was aware, he hadn't been sacked and he didn't leave, so nobody except the boss knew where he'd gone. I wasn't too bothered, I was quite glad he had left. Part of me hoped Darcy would burst through the door and claim her job back, and work would be fun again. After about a month, he was back. His chocolate eyes were faded and his hair wasn't neatly presented. As I was feeling nosy, a few days after he'd been back, I decided to approach him in a friendly manner.
"Hey Ben, the office has been lonely without you," I said as I peered over the wall to his office.
"Glad to know someone missed me," he replied with a sad, shaky voice. He wasn't the same cool, confident guy I remember coming into the office before he left. Clearly something had happened.
"So how's everything going?" I asked, trying to find out information.
"It's a load of shit." He looked down at his thumbs whilst he twiddled them around.
"If you want to talk about it, we could go grab lunch together later?"
He twiddled his thumbs a bit more and I saw his lips curl up into a smile. He looked me right in the eyes. The light seemed to appear back into his eyes as he replied, "okay, that would be nice."
It got to lunch time where I met Ben outside the cafe down me the road. He looked quite smart and like he'd gelled his hair. As I got closer, the strong smell of his aftershave caught my nose. It smelled ok, and that's when I realised how much of a bitch I'd been to him. I realised that the smell of his aftershave would be a smell I'd like in my life more. As I glanced at him before greeting him, I noticed that glimmer of light in his eyes like he was happy to see someone. I realised how I'd love to look into those deep brown eyes every morning. It soon dawned on me that I had, in fact, developed a crush on Benjamin Lewis. It wasn't great, of course he'd taken my close friend's position in the office and I shouldn't be allowed to like him, but I did.
"You look great, Ro," he smiled as he held the door open for me. I grinned but looked down at myself. I never liked my figure- I've always been short and skinny with no curves and an awkward smile, usually with my awful hair tugged back in a bun.
"Guess I could say the same Ben," I giggled as he followed me in.
We ordered some food and headed to a small table in the back corner. It was nice and peaceful with a white flower in the middle. There was a small window by too. Ben pulled out a chair and let me sit on it. He then followed on by pushing it in and getting our food. Such a gentleman. That's what else I liked about him. He went further than any expectations ever.
"So what's been going on then?" I asked as we had finished our food. Beforehand, we had been talking inane bullshit. That's because I wanted to show I'm capable of conversation and I'm not just nosy. We shared some stories, had a laugh, and I took the silent moment for myself, to find out what's happened and to try help understand his life.
"Oh, shouldn't we be getting back?" He was dodging the subject and I could tell, but I honestly wasn't letting him go. Why agree to lunch with me unless he was prepared to be open and honest?
"We have 20 minutes yet. Come on, you can trust me." He bowed his head and started playing with his thumbs again. I could tell he was anxious to tell me. But as I looked closer, I noticed he was trying to bite back his tears.
"My mum... She was fine. She was coping with the cancer okay, daily hospital visits, chemo, all of that. She should've had more years..." He took a breath but it was too late. The tears came. A few little drops down his cheek, a couple of drips off his chin, and I knew I couldn't let him carry on. I tugged my chair next to his and pulled him in for a hug.
"I'm so sorry Ben," I whispered with a lump in his throat. I kissed his head as I held him close. He cried on my shoulder but I didn't care. I realised then that Ben really needed someone secure in his life and I was determined to be that person.


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