All stories have two sides. Meet Rosie Wyatt and Pixie Evans as they tell you the series of events from their different perspectives. It'll leave you on a real cliffhanger!


17. Chapter 15

"Ro?" I asked.

Rosie started laughing. "Everyone really believes that I'm dead? Hah. Oh, how well my plan has worked."

My jaw dropped as I realised I wasn't dreaming anymore and that Rosie was astutely stood there, definitely alive. "What plan?"

"The one to get back at everyone for all the pain they've caused me and Lauren. To make everyone hurt and to make everyone sore. And guess what, Dusty, it's fucking worked! Talk of the town, I am. Everyone knows me now. I won't ever be forgotten. The only person who dared to come up to this cliff was me," Rosie laughed. She had a huge grin spread across her face like she was some sort of evil mastermind. "And look at you Dusty, running around trying to slip back in my life, trying to steal my man, huh?"

"No I wasn't," I snapped as I looked Rosie right in the eye.

Rosie laughed. "It's you, Dusty. Everyone knows what a slut you are."

I slapped her as I screamed, "my name is Pixie."

She held her face where she had a red hand mark. "Thanks bitch, now everyone will think I'm abused or something!"

"Nobody will fucking see you, idiot. You're 'dead'. You can't just show up!" I felt anger bubbling up inside me. I didn't like to be angry, but she deserved it. She had lied to absolutely everyone and faked her own death.

"Oh well, looks like you'll have to join me," she said as she came walking closer to me. I was on the actual edge with nowhere to go. A sudden flush of panic came over me. Rosie could kill me at any second she liked. Hitting her was a bad idea. She's a psychopath and her emotions flipped all the time.

"Rosie, think about it. Please. I deserve to live, don't I?" I tried to convince her.

Rosie started laughing. "Oh... 'Pixie'... Always thinking about yourself. I'm dead, so you should die too. Why not, hey? We could have some good ol' times together... Oh, I almost forgot. I'd be in heaven whilst you'd be in hell."

I really felt angry, so I grabbed hold of Rosie and pulled her to the edge with me. We were pulling at each other's clothes and hair, trying to push each other off the cliff. I felt so close to the edge and my foot started to slip. Next thing I know, I'm hanging off the edge of the cliff, grabbing her sleeves. She fell to the ground and started slipping along. "Don't think for one minute I'm going down alone," I called up to her as I shuffled about to cause her to fall down with me. I knew there was no way that I would be surviving now, so the only thing I could do was drag Rosie down with me. She was trying to grip on to the ground but she couldn't. We were both going to fall and die.

On the cliff, that's where it all ends.

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