All stories have two sides. Meet Rosie Wyatt and Pixie Evans as they tell you the series of events from their different perspectives. It'll leave you on a real cliffhanger!


14. Chapter 12

Ro said how everyone was against her at primary school. It's not true. She told me that she was the bully, and that her and Lauren would take the piss out of everyone. People called her a crazy freak because whenever she was mean, she would walk over to "Lauren" and they'd apparently sit and laugh together. Wether she twisted the story to me or to you, I don't know. But whichever way, it doesn't make sense. Why would they call a bully a freak? Surely that's just being horrible back and not seeming frightened of a bully like you would if they constantly hurt you. But if they were against her, how come she came out okay? She never seemed like the bullied type. You know, the ones who are sensitive to any negative comments or get butthurt when bullying is mentioned. No, she was confident and calm, yet slightly psychotic.

She always talked about how close we were and how we did English. Analysing English. Reading poetry. But in reality, it was nothing like that. Ro wasn't fully interested in English, just poetic quotes which seemed relatable and creating metaphors to hide all the dark things going on in her crazy mind. We never sat out in PE. She was the one who dragged me on to the pitch and forced a bat into my hands as someone threw the ball directly for me. I used to let out a small scream as she chased me around the cones to force me to run away, threatening to kill me if I didn't move. As we were kids back then, I never took any of that seriously. Now thinking about how mad she was, I realise she was probably being serious about the whole thing. That she'd actually kill me. Now that thought is scary, that I was a mindless teenager being chased around by my psychotic best friend.

When we went to college, she barely spent time with me. God knows where she went. She probably went to the lobby to be with "Lauren". But I had to fend for myself and find my own backbone to try fit in and make friends. We promised that we'd stick together and wouldn't leave each other and she broke that. She broke most things. A good friendship, all our promises and all the trust I had for her. I stopped telling her things going on in my life when she continued to ditch me. She never found out about my sister's cancer diagnosis or the fact that my mum had been locked up for drug smuggling. Nope, Ro was too busy in her own world to see that something was upsetting me.

When she left college, she used to work in offices by the nursery I taught at. I used to walk past every day and see her drinking coffee from China mugs as she texted using her mobile and talked to someone on the landline phone. She never used to see me. One time, I waved at her and she gave me the most evil look in the world. Since then, I decided to keep a record on what she did daily. One time, her and the girl next to her, who I'm now guessing from her diary was Darcy, weren't actually there. That's the only record I have of her not being there. She followed Darcy around like she was a lost dog and needed a lot of attention. She seemed clingy and would do anything to get Darcy's attention. How do I know all this? I followed her. Call me a stalker, but Ro's character was extremely intriguing and I needed to know everything. I planned to write a biography of her life from my own eyes. The character of Rosie Wyatt. I've almost written her biography now and I'm about to send it to a publisher in the morning. She's dead, so what does it matter anyway? I've claimed to be her closest friend throughout so I don't get accused of being a stalker. As someone interested in English, I love intriguing, developed characters. And Ro is a real life version of one anyone could make up for a story. Crazy, dark, suicidal, a freak who twists things yet a beautiful person.

Where Benjamin Lewis is concerned, Ro actually told some truth. He did treat her nicely and he was a proper gentleman. Ben was too good for her in all honesty. He deserved someone better and less psychotic. But he seemed to stick around. They would always argue though. And Ro treated him like her mother was treated by her father. She was abusive towards him. At work or in the pub, his co-workers and mates asked why his face was bruised or his lip was cut. He would lie and say he tripped. He made himself look like a clumsy person, because nobody would've guessed that innocent-looking Ro was an abusive woman. She wasn't only physical, but emotional and controlling too. She didn't let him have barely any friends as they became closer. He was isolated and rarely seen in the pubs anymore. He was always treating her nicely. This was probably because he thought the abuse would lessen if he treated her nicely. God knows why he proposed to her when she just treated him like shit, but perhaps because he was scared to leave her. Scared to have a psycho ex who stalked him like I stalked her. Or worse. The thing is, she would go full on crazy whereas I'm incognito. Never been spotted. She would get caught straight away of course, it's Ro. She couldn't stay hidden for a minute. She always had to be the centre of attention which is why she twisted so many stories. She wanted everyone to fall for her petty stories and fall in love with her. It's not the way the world works unfortunately for her. Yet many people did believe her lies and her deceit.

All around, Ro was a lying, manipulative bitch who tried to get everyone on her side. Anyone involved in her manipulative world came out scarred. Emotionally, physically or mentally. For poor Benjamin Lewis, probably all three. I haven't actually seen him since her funeral where he wore the darkest grey suit. He had a red rose in his pocket which probably reminds him of her, as she was called Rosie after all, and her favourite colour was red. Thinking now about Benjamin, I ought to pay him a visit.

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