Sophia is a normal fourteen year old girl who loves to play soccer. She is auditioning for a reality show called, "Kick it!" The show will be based on a soccer team working their way to the top. Sophia falls in love with the producer's cousin. She meets some obstacles along the way with a girl named Savannah who tries to take her boyfriend.


2. Chapter 2

Today is my big day. It is my audition today. It is currently 6 AM and I need to be at the auditions by 8 AM. So I curled my hair, put on a sporty shirt, soccer shorts, shin guards, socks and kleets. You know, the usual soccer gear. After that, I got a bowl of some Cocoa Puffs and poured some milk into the bowl. It is currently 7:15 and I'm packing some water, gatorade, some headbands, and hair ties. Now it's 7:30. Everyone else in the house is up and ready to go. We get in the car and start driving until we see a banner which says, "Kick It! Auditions @8 AM" We found a parking space and walked to in and saw about 50 girls lined up in their soccer gear.

My mom said, "There may be a lot of girls here but you can do this mija."

"Yeah I hope this goes good," I said.

We got to a table where you register. All you have to do is get a name tag, put your name on it as well as your age and a number they give you. The nice lady has a name tag that says, "Tiffany".

Tiffany said, "Okay Sophia. Today you will be doing tryouts and you will have to bring your skills to the test. You will go down the hall and to the left and find a door. Open it, and there is the field. There is bleachers for your family to sit."

"Okay thank you," I said as we both smiled and me and my family started walking towards the field.

We walk in and see many girls and 2 coaches. My family goes and sits on the bleachers. I go line up. The coaches are young like around their 20s or early 30s.

They get a megaphone each and the girl says, "Hey ladies! I'm Jennifer Gutierrez and this is my husband Adam Gutierrez. You can call me Coach Jenny," one of the coaches said.

"You can call me Coach Adam. Today we will be stretching, running 2 laps, and doing a scrimmage. By the end of the day you will know if you got in. There are 50 of you guys and we need 18 girls for our team," said Coach Adam.

"May the odds be ever in your favor *Hunger Games reference*," said Coach Jenny.

We started stretching and I started talking to this girl who was next to me.

"Hey I'm Jasmine," the girl said.

"Hey I'm Sophia but you can call me Sophie," I said.

"Yeah, I'm both nervous and excited at the same time," Jasmine said.

"OMG! That's exactly how I'm feeling," I said.

"I hope we both get in because I'm really shy and you are the only girl I've talked to," Jasmine said.

"I hope so too," I added.

We started running after stretches. I was in the front and Jasmine was a bit behind me. Once we finished running, we went straight to scrimmages.

Coach Jenny pointed at me and said, "One" then at Jasmine, "Two" and then counted up 12 girls to play in our team for the scrimmage.

She counted up the rest and made a total of 2 games. I got to play mid-field and Jasmine played forward. I got to meet other girls while playing.

So, it is now 12 in the afternoon and the auditions are over.

"Okay ladies! You guys did great! The roster is up. It was nice meeting you all," said Coach Jenny.

"Thank you all for auditioning and doing your best," Coach Adam said.

All the girls ran to the roster. I'm looking for my name and...


A/n: Hope you all liked this chapter.

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