Sophia is a normal fourteen year old girl who loves to play soccer. She is auditioning for a reality show called, "Kick it!" The show will be based on a soccer team working their way to the top. Sophia falls in love with the producer's cousin. She meets some obstacles along the way with a girl named Savannah who tries to take her boyfriend.


18. Chapter 17

So the coaches decided to have an extra day to prep for the game and practice so I went to Jake up so I can go start practicing.

***2 hours of practice***

"Hey handsome," I said walking to my boyfriend.

"Hey beautiful," he said giving me a kiss.

"Hey" I said.

"Look I can't hang out today. A buddy of mines is having a party and I can't let him down."

"Oh its ok baby. Don't worry about it. As long as you aren't ditching me for that bitch Savannah."

"You know I wouldn't do that. I love you."

"I love you too."

We kissed, hugged, and said our goodbyes.

I wonder why Jacob didn't at least ask me to go with him. Sounds fishy to me. At least I know which friend he's talking about. His name is Adrian. He's really nice so I might drop by, surprise Jacob, and hang out. Is that a good idea? I hope so. I got cleaned up and walked to Adrian's house since it was nearby.


A/N: Hey guys! I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. There are only a couple chapters until the ending and then I'm starting a new movella. Thanks for reading.

-Jocelyn Uribe😘

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