Reckless (h.s)

He let the weird silence between us hang in the air,
“You know, people are right about the poker face, you’ve got a killer one. I have no fucking clue what you’re thinking,” He leans onto the doorframe.

“I’ve had to adapt one to be able to survive in this town,” I whisper back.


4. Morning After

I open my eyes to sound of someone siring next to me. Not just next to me, I felt a pair of strong arms wrapped around me.

Ugh. My head was pounding as I slowly opened my heavy eyelids, my hangover setting in. What happened last night? 

 My eyes widened as my cheeks grew hot, realizing the situation.

Sleeping next to me was a shirtless messy haired, boy

I flip over and I feel my heart stop.

It was Harry

He had a slight, but not too tough perfect pair of abs. The abs also came with a set of ripped arms.

“What the fuck?” I said in a barely audible whisper. He jolted up, seemingly surprised by my sudden words. His sudden actions catching me by surprise, and I stumble off the bed with a thud.

I glance up at the ceiling. I have always been able to keep a level head. It comes from years of training and discipline. I know when to keep mouth shut and when to let my actions do the talking.

In this state, my surroundings may as well of been a never-ending void. I begin to take in the surroundings around me. I’m a bedroom that I don’t recognize. It’s so quiet one could easily hear a pin drop.

I hear a deep soft chuckle above me.

Harry leans over the bedside to look at me.

Morning,” he say all too casually.

 I groan as I place my head in my hands, “What the hell happened?” I begin to panic.

I shoot up off of the floor as fast as I can.

“Whoa are you okay?” he tone suddenly serious

“Oh yeah I’m just fine!” I say sarcastically, turning on my heel to face him, I made no attempt to control my voice, which rose in volume the longer I spoke, “I don’t know where we are or remember what happened last!”

I rubbed my temples as I unsuccessfully attempted to remember the previous night. Did I sleep with him? Immediately look down. Thank god. I was still wearing my skirt from the night before, although my top was missing. I gasp and cover myself with a pillow off the bed.

"Don’t worry, we didn’t do anything. I myself am having trouble remembering how we got back to my place,”

 He looks around the room with furrowed brows. What happened then? He seemed frustrated.

My thoughts were scrambled and my attempts to remember last night were still useless. Maybe Melanie will know something about it.

Harry gets up and heads to his dresser, he pulls out a shirt and throws it at me. I barely catch it.

“Nice catch,” he winks.

He puts on a shirt of his own and begins to head out of the bedroom.

Harry pauses in front of the doorway, “Lunch?” he asks.

“Sure, but only if we eat at-“

Harry cuts me off, “Millie’s? You know I’m a pretty good cook too if I say so myself.”

“Okay fine. I guess I’ll try your cooking, but ill be the ultimate judge of taste,” I follow him out of the bedroom.

“Good, or else I’d probably have to kill you,” He said, face completely serious.

My eyes widen in horror, “Just kidding.”

“That’s not funny,” I exhaled slowly as I followed him though the living room, “So how did you get this place?” I look around the enormous living room.

“My parents were supposed to come with me this summer, but they had a change of plans and decided to travel through Europe over the summer. So I get this whole place to myself this summer.”

“Well, it’s a nice place,” I tell him as I spot my shirt and his on the couch.

“I wonder what happed here?” I laugh as I pick up my shirt I was wearing last night.

The memories of the couch quickly flood back at once.

The feeling of Harry’s fingers brushing against me made my heart flutter. The touch of his lips against mine made me tingle. I drunkenly giggle as we both struggle to get each other’s shirts off.

I shiver at the thought of that moment.

Yeah, none of this was real to me.

“Actually, maybe I should go,” I say, urgently grabbing my shirt trying to find the front door.

“Sure thing sweetheart. Although, I do expect to get my shirt back. My place tomorrow at 7?

“Hmm tempting,” I bite my lip. “I do need to try your so called legendary cooking.”

I walk towards the front door, and feels eyes on me. “Stop starring at my ass Harry,” I continue to walk to the door. I spot a dry erase board hanging of the wall. I grab the marker attached and quickly write my number down. With that, I leave and walk a half walk of shame back home.


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