The Voice in My Head

Justin was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his teens, but after noticing the inefficiency of his medication and the fact that his voice wanted him no harm, he seceretly quit his treatment.

Together with his voice, Adley, they discover a whole new world they both wish they'd never found.


2. ꀤꀤ

2 days later...


The sound of my basic, iPhone ringtone woke me. I stretched after my rose golden 6S and squinted at the bright screen that hit me when I picked it up. I didn't recognize the number that was trying to reach me at 8 in the morning but I swiped "answer" anyway.  
"Hello?" My voice sounded raspy due to the fact that I just woke up. "Who am I speaking to?"
"This is Jean, I'm trying to reach Justin. Justin Bieber." Jean. She's calling about the apartment. My body jerked up to the sound of her familiar voice and I quietly tried to clear my throat to sound more alert.
"Yes, this is Justin speaking." 
"Yes, splendid, I'm calling about the apartment in Stroem" She said before lowering her voice. "Now, I've called all the others, but you seemed like you're looking to move from home, am I right?"
I nodded before realizing that she can't see my gesture. "Yes, yes that's correct." I stuttered as I was rubbing my eyes.
"See, those are the customers we need. Those are the most valuable." Her voice had now reached the standard volume again. "See, the others are business men/women that are in town for a temporary job, which means they'll only need the flat for a limited amount of time and then we'll have to redo the process again." Jean continued explaining, at least I assume she explained something, but I zoned out because I was way too tired to focus this early. "...So you're our first choice of tenant." She once again had my attention.


"So... you got the apartment in Stroem." Adley finally said something as I explained this mornings events clearer to her while walking towards the flat which soon was mine. "That's great news, Justin! We need to celebrate. I'm thinking champagne."
"I just love the fact that you suggest foods and drinks like you've actually tasted them." I chuckled. "But it's a good idea. You can also help me find furniture and decor." 
"Yes, O.M.G, when can we start?" Her voice echoed excited in my head as we discussed furniture and different decor styles on our way to close the deal. All that was left was some signatures on papers and receiving the keys. Then it was all done. 

"..and if you have any questions, you can always reach me." Jean said while handing me her card. She winked at me before giggling and telling me to leave her a good review on her employers website. Afterwards, the 5'4 blonde broker headed out the door, looking back one last time, leaving me with a smile.
I now had an apartment. All that was left to do was speaking with my dad about the job at Target. He said he could get me a slightly better job after only two months of working as a regular employee. See, my dad is the head of the Target in our city, so he said he'll pull some strings just for me.
"So.. the talk with your parents two days ago.. Pretty intense, huh?"
Adley broke the silence as I stared out the huge, living room window that viewed most of the city. 
"Yeah, but they believe we no longer communicate so they think it's best for me to get on my feet, move out, start working.." My voice came out unsure and quiet. Almost like whispers with random breaks in the middle of my sentences.
"You don't sound too good, Justin. Are you alright?"
"Yeah I guess I am. Why wouldn't I be?"
"Just because I'm in your head doesn't mean I know what you're thinking. Believe me, I wish I could read your thoughts but that's not the case." Adley sighed. "Wouldn't that be cool though? If I knew what you were thinking at all times?" Instead of concern I could now hear playfullness in that oh, so familiar voice. 

I let a chuckle escape my mouth as I tried to think of a proper response. 
"Fuck no." I laughed. "That'd be really bad and I would probably hate you."
"Oh, you wish you could hate me, but I'm just way too adorable, now aren't I?" Her giggle echoed around in my head as I tried to gather up my thoughts. I've never been in such a situation prior to this point in my life and I could feel my abdomen turn.
"Adley, I adore you, but could you please be quiet for maybe five or so, minutes?" It took alot trying to sound friendly. I'm not mad at my fellow self, but I sometimes wish she could read the vibes I'm trying to send. If I'm quiet, I'm probably thinking. I can't be too hard on her though because she can't see me, my face, unless I'm looking in a mirror and she can't read my thoughts either. Basically, Adley can only see what I see and only hear what I hear. 

I rushed over to my string bag to get a pen and some paper. The first thing I need to do is to write down all the things that needs to be done and in which order. There's so much I can barely keep up and now that I have my own apartment there's so much that needs to be obtained and bought.

to do..

● Buy food
● Buy furniture
● Move clothes from Beaget to new apartment

... and so on.
Once I was done, I'd filled at least two A4's. 
"Wish I could help you with all that." Adley said, her voice unsure whether I wanted to hear her voice or not. "You seem to have lots to do and I'm just stuck in your head."
I nodded, once again forgetting the fact that she can't see me. 

As the next day approached after a sleepless night, I squinted at the sun peeking through my new, huge windows. I put down my cloth and dish brush. 
Yesterday I went shopping for the needed basics. Dad put some money in my account so I could buy dishes, food and other basic necessities. 
I spent last night washing my windows and new dishes; I also vaccuumed all rooms, 'cause damn, they were dusty for a brand new flat.
Adley for once couldn't be happier due to the fact that I was available to talk to all night. It was fun but also necessary for me to stay awake. I also don't think I've ever drunk such huge loads of coffee in such a short period of time.

I felt my heart beat in my throat as I packed down the essentials for my first day of work. 
Thoughts from my first day of school entered my mind, remebering how from the very beginning no one was interested in getting to know me. Sitting alone in the back-corner of each class, I wrote down everything leaving our teachers' mouths and by doing so, I got straight A's. I was unaware back then that being good in school also meant having no friends and being the student for everyone to pick on. 
Mother always told me to keep my head up because the reason for my, well, special treatment, was my fellow students low self-esteem. Glad I could help them in that part, I guess. 

Shaking my head, I snapped out of my own mind, tied my white Converse and headed out the door towards my new employement. The feeling of this being a very special day didn't let me go, but I had yet to discover why.

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