The Voice in My Head

Justin was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his teens, but after noticing the inefficiency of his medication and the fact that his voice wanted him no harm, he seceretly quit his treatment.

Together with his voice, Adley, they discover a whole new world they both wish they'd never found.


1. ꀤ

... "I kind of want the frappuchino" Adleys voice stood out in the crowded coffee shop, drowning out all the other voices that actually were there.
"Adley, how would you even know what the frappuchino tastes like?"
"Who said I know, it just looks so tasty, I mean just look at the photo!" She yells in my head.

I've learned to pretend talking on the phone when I talk to Adley because it makes me look slightly less insane to others. 

"You're right, the photo looks amazingly good. But I assume you have seen the advertisement at McDonald's and well, the product you get isn't anything alike." I argue to my fellow self.
"Well, I just think it would be a mistake to compare Starbucks to McDonald's. Give this coffee shop a chance, would you?" 

"Fine Adley, anything for your fine arguments." I chuckled while paying the barista for a chocolate frappe. 
The barista looked at me like he was waiting for something. "And your name was?"
"Oh, right. Name's Justin." I smiled and walked across the shiny counter to wait for my chocolate drink while I picked my phone back up and continued discussing with my dear voice.

"Happy now?" 
"Oh yes Justin, I am very pleased with your choice of drink" she responded before laughing. "Exactly what I wanted."
"I know, so please don't wake me up too early tomorrow then? Maybe let me sleep until 10 am?"
"Fine, but depending on if boredom kills me first I might not be waking you up at all."

Adley always said that because she wasn't in a body of her own, she couldn't sleep due to the lack of need for sleep. Sometimes late at night she'd talk about missing sleep and all the dreams she used to experience, then proceed to tell me about her favorite ones. I'd always fall asleep somewhere in the middle of one of her sentences because I need all the rest I can get. 

"I think we should go check out that new apartment in Stroem." Her gentle voice suggested after a long walk in the park, discussing everything between heaven and earth. "It looks gorgeous in the ads while affordable."

I sighed; I knew I had to move away from home. My parents are basically monitoring my room and eavesdropping outside my door to make sure I'm no longer talking to Adley. I can always hear their concerned sighs from the other side of the wall while they're quietly arguing over my well-being. 

"You're right. Besides, I feel like walking." I threw away my now empty Starbucks cup in the nearest trashcan and began walking towards Stroem which was about two miles away.
"You're going to walk all the way to Stroem? Justin, you could just take the next bus, it arrives in five minutes." 
I don't know how Adley knew these things, it's like she has a brain of her own. 
"There's no fresh air to clear your head in, in a bus now is there?" With those words I let my feet lead me towards the apartment on sale on the other side of the city.


"Okay everybody, take your shoes off because you'll be stepping on red oak." The broker had an excessive smile on her face while touching up on her blonde hair. "They only finished this apartment two days ago, so it's safe to say it's brand new and in tip-top shape!" And so the tour started with every visitor taller than the 5'4 lady broker named Jean. Men in suits, ladies in Chanel while I walked around in my three years of age sweatpants and my favorite t-shirt with some artsy print on the front. 

"This apartment is only available to rent" Jean said at the end of the 30 minute tour. "And we're asking for $1000 a month." Jean now proceeded to dig out a tablet and a pen. "If you're interested please leave your name and number so we can reach you for further information." 

"I know you can't speak to me right now, but I'm just saying that if you take that job offer from Target that your dad provided you with you can totally afford this and I think you should invest in such a beautiful condo I mean come on just look at the place!" 

Jean began moving towards me with the same excessive smile on her face. 
"Would you like to sign up on the interest list Mr...?" Her body placed itself close to mine and her hazel eyes waited eagerly for me to state my name.
"Bieber. Justin Bieber, and yes I would actually like to sign up." Jean handed me the pen and pointed at where to sign and where to write my cell number. "How do you choose who gets to rent the place?" I handed her pen back to her and placed my hands in my pockets.
"Well, Justin, we call each person who signed to this list and ask them a few questions. For example, how old they are, how long they'll need the condo etc. This helps us determine where we can make most profit while helping someone find a place to live." The blonde broker fiddled with her hair while explaining, seeming kind of nervous. 

"Thank you everyone for coming today. If you'd like another chance seeing this beautiful condo, there will be another viewing this Friday at noon." Jean spoke loud and clear while packing down her tablet in her lilac purse. 

People were scattered all over the place, looking in each corner and studying every inch of the place. Me however, I was convinced and I've seen everything necessary. Jean quickly turned towards me, smiling and waving, as she heard my goodbyes.
I walked out of the door, down the shiny, marble stairs and out the door and didn't pick my phone up until I was on the sidewalk headed back towards Beaget, where I currently lived with my parents.


It was around 4:30pm I stumbled in through our front door, my legs sore after all the walking I'd just done. I could smell the on-going cooking of pasta and tomato sauce; my favorite. Dad was outside picking herbs from our garden among with some vegetables. It's been a dream of theirs to grow their own spices and vegetables and now they finally have the time and property to do so. 
A smile spreads across my face as I walk into the kitchen to greet my mother. 
"Justin!" Mom jumped, placing her hand on her chest as she calmed herself down. "You startled me." She stated calmly after catching her breath.
"Sorry." I grinned at her while snatching a carrot from the plate my dad just brought in. "Would it make it up to you if I peeled the vegetables?" I offered my now laughing mom.
"There's an offer I can't decline." She responded before handing me the peeler and putting her brown, shoulder-length hair into a neat ponytail. "Remember to scrub the carrots before peeling them, honey." 
"As if I haven't already learned to do so, but thank you for reminding me mom." I smirked at her, shaking my head. What else can one expect from a perfectionist, I mean, our whole house looked like it was on display in IKEA. Except for some more expensive furniture. 
"Only the best and only products that go well together." Mom would always say when we were looking to redo a room or decorate. She wouldn't let me buy things I liked unless they went well together with my room; it didn't take long to adjust though and with her perfectionism I developed a good eye for matching products and colors as well as she can. I can't wait until I can decorate a whole apartment of my own, it'll be a dream come true. Sure, I want to move out to worry my parents less and talk to Adley more, but I've also wanted to move out for a while because decorating is just too much fun. 

"Justin darling, would you please set the table?" My dear mom Pattie snapped me out of my thoughts. "We could really use a new tablecloth since we changed the covers to the pillows on the chairs." She pulled the old, navy-blue tablecloth off the table and neatly folded it before telling me to just place it by the washing machine after getting the new one. 

As I was grabbing a red tablecloth, I heard a familiar voice. 
"I think you should pick the light-grey one, it goes better with the colors your mom picked out for your chairs." 
"You're absolutely right, I should've noticed." I quickly shook my head as if it refreshed from it. 
"Yes you should've. What's going on with you?" I could hint a little concern in her gentle voice. 
"I honestly don't know" I murmured and took another breath as to say something, but nothing clever came to mind. "We'll talk later, I have to go eat." 
"I wish I could eat." Adley sighed in my mind as I walked up the stairs and back into the kitchen with my beloved parents and a good homecooked meal.






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