Broken Dreams

The story is about a 14 year old girl named jasmine who want to die


1. Monday mornings.....

I sit in a corner I always sit here and all I feel is the tears dripping from my eye, all I hear is a evil laugh coming from somewhere far away.......

A high noise wake me up from my sleep I pick up my phone only to find out that the video with me crying in my little corner has reach 500 likes

Here it comes again a little tear drops down from my right eye

I wish I could stop it i can't take it any longer. For about a year ago I told my mom that I wanted to die then she just forced me to talk with a crazy therapist about it and her name was jirky she was from India and all she could say on English were hi and bye so that really had no effects.

My mom shouted Jasmin jasmine there is breakfast. I Went downstairs and grabbed a piece of toast and went out of the door but my mom stopped me right before I grabbed the handle she asked why my eyes were red I didn't know what to answer so I grabbed the handle and ran

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