Broken Dreams

The story is about a 14 year old girl named jasmine who want to die


2. headache

I finally reached the school

It felt like I have walked for hours and hours actually it only take me about 15 minutes to walk. My feet hurts from the hard shoes but the left shoe felt extra hard this morning I took it off and I turned it around and two small stones falls out I whispers dammit now there is a hole in the bun of the shoe they were totally new. In a corner the schoolyard princess stood she looked on me an laughed then she whispered while she laughed I knew they knew everybody knew

They laughed at me. She turned around and started walking straight to me her to "friends" fast turned around one of them were named Emily her and I were BFFs when we were little but then Ashlynn the most popular girl aka the school yard princess wanted to be her friend so now they are popular. They reach me Ashlynn pushed me I felt so my head hit the stairs then everything became black like coal.

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