Just some feelings...

I am just a girl who has feelings.
This girl needs someone to talk to.
Will you listen?


2. All Locked Up

When you find out your friend likes a guy, you would feel happy for her and would help her get closer to the guy. Right? But it'd bring back so many memories from when you liked a guy. How nervous you felt. How you felt thankful that you got to speak to him. How you watched his lips move every time he talked. You remember and think about all those things until you see your friend asking you 'are you ok?' What will you say? "Everything is NOT ok because the one guy you truly loved and thought was perfect for me, now bullies me and makes you feel like nothing- a nobody? No... I couldn't say that. You have to say 'yeah, I'm fine sorry I blanked out.' Little does she know that you're all alone and you just need a hug from somebody and let all your feelings out. Instead she looks at you and carries on with the boy she loves. You just want to die and get yourself hit by a truck and want to be invisible. Then, nobody could see you or would know what you look like. You wouldn't be called ugly.

People don't understand you.

Even if the say they will try to, they don't actually care.

When a close person dies everyone gives you grief for a week but after that nobody cares. It's only about their problems. People say to always focus on the future. What if the past is important too? What if your future has nothing planned out for you? Then what will you do? Nothing?

Or will you get up and keep going? Will you keep walking when your legs have been tied? Of course you will. You need to get a hold of yourself and make do with what you already have because things go wrong in life but improvising will help you to not give up. So I say, it's not the end of the road here, the world needs you so help anybody you pass but make sure you treat yourself right too.

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