The Vamps Plus Me

Violet moved away from her small town, her boyfriend and her family, now she's on the streets of NYC strumming her guitar and singing covers and some originals. The Vamps are in NYC on break from their World Tour when they hear her singing, she gets an addition for the band but once she gets in she is given a lot of grief about being a girl in the boy-band and craves under the pressure. at times she hides and thinks of quitting will the boys rebuild her self esteem?


2. My First Day Sining in NYC

 Three days after I arrive in NYC I walk into central park and open my guitar case pull out my guitar and sit on a bench before I figure out what to sing, P!ink's Just Like Fire. I strum my guitar when I find the right key I start to sing.

"I know that I'm running out of time,

And I'm wishing they'd stop tryna turn me off,

I want it all mmmm mmmm,

And I'm walking on a wire trying to go higher,

Feels like I surrounded by clowns and liars ,

Even when I get it all the way."

I don't even get through the second verse when I see that my guitar case that had money in it is now gone. I look around for the case but I don't see any sign of it. "What the hell?! Who does that?!"

Then an unfamiliar voice says "New Yorkers, I'm guessing your new here." It was a guy for sure he had a British accent. I turn around to see a young man he seemed about 20. He was friendly and kind of cute. His hair was black and curly he wore a white t-shirt and jeans with converse sneakers. "I'm Bradley."

"I'm Violet and your right I'm new I just moved here from Tennessee."

"Oh a southerner."

"You got a problem with that?"

"Nope you would never know how you sing that Pink song you would never know."


"You got a good voice I'm in a band."

"Cool....why are you telling me this?"
"I think we could use someone like you."
"Shouldn't you consult with your band mates?"
"Yes I should and I will."
"This Friday, we will meet you here you will sing and we will listen if the rest of the boys like you, you are in."
"Um OK. What time?" But before he could answer my phone buzzes. I ignore it and turn back to hear his answer but he's gone no sign of him except a 20 dollar bill on the bench with a not that reads:
 You earned don't stop trying they will warm up to you trust me.

"Weird...great I got three days until an audition... better start practicing."

I walk across the street to a pizza place and have some lunch. I pull out my notebook and start to right a song, 

I wake up everyday and greet the day,

I turn up my radio

"No No NO!! This is horrible!!"
"What is?" I hear a male voice say, he has a British accent too."Maybe I can help."

He now has sat at my table and is looking at my start of a song.

"Who are you?"
"How terribly rude of me, I'm James."

He has spiked blonde hair, a plaid shirt, jeans a sneakers. He seems like a good guy but his discussed face has me thinking otherwise. 

"Is there an issue?"

"Yes, it has no rythem, no meaning, nothing good!!"

I look at him just wondering what to say. 

"I'm just joking!" he starts to laugh "Oh my god you should see your face!!!!"

"OK...I think I'm done here." I gather my stuff and start to leave but he grabbs  my hand and says.

"No really its not that bad please sit down."

"Nope I'm good."

"Violet please!"

"Fine you got yourself ten minutes."
I sit back down hand him my song and he looks over it again.

"OK so what are you trying to say with this."

"I have no idea, I just got this audition a guy and his band so I thought an original would be good." 

"OK this notebook looks pretty full is it filled with songs?"
"Can I look?"
"I won't stop you."
I sit there in silence for a little bit while he goes through my notebook and reads all of my songs. 

"OK, looking at all of them I like the Foolish Girl the best. You should sing that one."
"OK Thanks."
I start to get up again then he starts to talk again. 

"You know reading and singing are two very different things..."
"Yes they are.."
"Could you sing it for me?"
"Here? Now?"

"Nope Friday, central park you can sing for my band and we will decide if you are in."
"Oh I already-"
"Oops gotta fly see ya there!" he throws some money on the table he sat at and left.

"already have plans...great now I got two auditions on the same day in the same place. 

I throw some money on the table walk back to my apartment, once I get to my apartment I change out of my plaid shirt and jeans into a sports tank top and active pants. I set up my iPod grab my headphones and go for a run. As I run I see The Statue of Liberty, Pizza places, Radio stations and the thing that catches my eye the most is an F.Y.E. store. It's the only store that my mom and I really bonded at. I walk in and walk straight to the POP figurines. I must be really focusing on something because I walk into stack of Dragon Ball things and fall to the floor with all off the stuff falling on top of me.

"Dammit!! I'm such a cults!!"

Someone must of seen or heard me fall because they help me out of the cave I put myself in.

Once I can see light again I hear their voice.

"Conner what do you think happened?"
"I know know she fainted maybe?"

They keep digging from the top as I dig from the bottom. Something grabs my legs and I

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" One of them screams


"A LEG!!"
"Conner, a girl is under all of this what would you rather find?"
"I don't know."

I start to kick and punch my way out until I see the boys. One of them is tall and has a black t-shirt on and jeans. The other one is shorter with brown hair and a orange-ish plaid shirt with a white t-shirt and jeans. 

"Are you OK?" asks the sorter one
"I'm fine."

"Good." says the taller one.

"I'm Violet."
"I'm Conner and this is Tristan." says the shorter one.

"What happened? We heard the crash."
"I was walking to the POP figures and I must have been really focused and walked into the Dragon Ball thinks."

"OK well it's good your OK." says Conner.
"We should keep shopping." Says Tristan.

"Oh yeah sure, sure."
We walk in separate directions and I manage to get to the POP figurines without any more accidents. I look at all of the figurines but I choose to buy four. Darth Vader from Star Wars, Harry Potter from Harry Potter, Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time and Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time. I walk over to the t-shirts and a song that I absolutely love tarts to play Taylor Swift's Shake it Off.  I cant help but start to sing along, quietly of course.

"I stay out to late,

Got nothing in my brain,

That's what People say mmm mmm,"

"You have a nice voice." says Tristan
"Oh my god, you heard that?" I say blushing.

"Yeah, Conner and I are in a band..."

"Is everyone in NYC in a band?!" Tristan looks confused. "Long where and when?"

"How about...Friday in central park."


"Awesome! See you there!"

Tristan leaves and I think to myself OK, now how am I supposed to be in three places at once? 








Hello Everyone thank you for reading this!!! Now if I make the boys say something that English people would not say I apologize, I am american and I do my best to make it as close as possible.











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