The Vamps Plus Me

Violet moved away from her small town, her boyfriend and her family, now she's on the streets of NYC strumming her guitar and singing covers and some originals. The Vamps are in NYC on break from their World Tour when they hear her singing, she gets an addition for the band but once she gets in she is given a lot of grief about being a girl in the boy-band and craves under the pressure. at times she hides and thinks of quitting will the boys rebuild her self esteem?


1. Leaving Home

 "I..I can't go, I mean I'm leaving everything behind, I'm leaving the farm I'm leaving Danny, I can't leave him." I sputter

"Violet relax, you will be fine, Danny will be fine." says Shawn

"That's easy for you to say you have no fears you left when you had someone to guide you."

"Your right, I'm a flawless unicorn and you are going to crash and burn." Shawn says smiling

"OK am I being That person?"
 "Just a little, now come here." We laugh then Shawn leans in and kisses me.

"Violet?" says Danny 

"What up lil' bro?" I say pulling away from the kiss

"Dad has the car ready," says Danny smirking

"I'm coming."
We walk out to the car when my dad pulls Shawn aside as my mom pushes me into the car. I see my dad with the most serious face I have ever seen him use. I look at Shawn he wants to shout but knows there's no use. He gets in his car waves good bye and drives away. I look at my dad again as he gets in the car I bite my tongue trying to to ask him what he said to Shawn. The car ride to the air port was quiet and odd, when I went over to my friends house to have a sleepover when I was seven he would have a meltdown, I was only going around the block now I'm moving 3,000 miles away.




   We arrive at the airport and just say goodbye then I board my plane. I put in my headphones and pull out a notebook, I listen to music and write my songs and the annoyed flight attendant pulls off my headphones looks at me and says 


"Oh my god I'm sorry." I reach in my bag and pull out my ticket. 

"Thanks," she wips her hair and walks away.  

I put my headphones back on and turn up my music and fall asleep.





When I wake up I find the angry flight attendant says "The flights over get off."

"OK sorry,"


I step off the plane and the next phase of my life begins.
















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