The 135th Floor

A-08 and O-08 are two teens from the year of 3016. A-08 is often very angry with the lack of creativity, action and originality in her life. At her school no one is allowed to show emotion and has many rules that make it a crime to be different, therefore making her feel as though she is trapped. O-08 is a boy who is very interested in the idea of love and emotion after reading many 20th century books that were banned. He often gets teased and in trouble because of this interest and finds that his interest fading away . The two meet and find themselves on an adventure unlike anything they've ever experienced before, as they make their way to the 135th floor.


2. A New Name

O-08 was staring at the board and dozing off when he heard the classroom door make a "creeeeek" sound as it was effortlessly opened. A girl walked in that he had never seen before, and he was bewildered that such an interesting person went to his school. She had long, thick and crazy hair with waves and tangles, a small and delicate face, and a surprisingly strong looking physique. She was like an Amazon warrior from the books O-08 read in his attic, that would hunt and catch their own food and would kill the explorers who dared to trespass into their territory. 
     She stood at the front of the room ignoring the teacher with her eyes focused on the back wall. O-08 could tell that her mind was elsewhere and that she was annoyed about having to be here. He looked around the room and found that everyone else except him and a girl in the back of the room  was focused on their work again. And when he looked back at the front of the room he found a pair of eyes focused on him. The girl was staring at him.
     Shortly after, she walked to her seat in the back of the room and began writing and doing work. O-08 just pretended to read a packet given to him, but little did his classmates know, he was reading photocopies of the old book, Paper Towns.
     After morning half, everyone was allowed to speak with each other, and O-08 knew exactly who he wanted to speak to. He searched around for the girl from class, but could not find her. Still, he continued to look and soon the last class of the day would begin. Then, out of the corner of his eye he saw two robots walking with a girl behind them.
     O-08 came up to her and said, "You're in my morning half class." She looked amazed that he had spoken to her, and just stood there blinking. Then, remembering that he had spoken to her, she responded with "are you a walking dead?". O-08 was confused on why she would ask that, but he looked around him and realized what she meant. Everyone had the same expression on their face and didn't speak at all. Each individual student just stood where they were, looking at nothing.
     The robots turned and pointed their guns at her with a warning. She was talking too much. She was expressing rebel ideas. She smiled at them, and they turned back around. Then she spoke again. "Well it was nice meeting you-" she began saying. "My name is O-08." O-08 responded. "I'll call you Oliver, or maybe even Olie." She decided. O-08 liked that name. "You can call me whatever you'd like. But I need to leave." She said, waving a goodbye. O-08 waved back with a big smile, he was no longer emotionless.


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