The 135th Floor

A-08 and O-08 are two teens from the year of 3016. A-08 is often very angry with the lack of creativity, action and originality in her life. At her school no one is allowed to show emotion and has many rules that make it a crime to be different, therefore making her feel as though she is trapped. O-08 is a boy who is very interested in the idea of love and emotion after reading many 20th century books that were banned. He often gets teased and in trouble because of this interest and finds that his interest fading away . The two meet and find themselves on an adventure unlike anything they've ever experienced before, as they make their way to the 135th floor.


1. A Blank World

      The emotionless children walked up the stairs, with blank faces. No one muttered a word or walked together, they were all strangers. Each individual had a location in which they were going, and like machines they would only do what they were trained to do. If they did anything else they would be punished, because their one reason to be alive is to do what they were told to, just like their parents.

     Shortly after they all went into the silver building, a group of robots carried a girl in a capsule that was hovering above the ground. This group of robots was called the 0-order, and their purpose is to bring those who still have emotions (often called "The Dangerous Ones"), to the schools. 

      The capsule traveled all the way to a door that leads to class 2 before it stopped. A glass door slid off and floated in the air to allow the girl to step out. A small foot slowly moved out of the capsule, and shortly after another foot joined it. The girl sat up, glaring at the robots around her. 


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