Vegan Universe

Smartest female Alien named Alicia Endo who was vegan created copy of universe, but only difference is everyone in this universe including people, animals, marine animals, insects, reptitles are 100% vegan. All steakhouses are called Mock Steakhouse. All McDonald's are not change, but their foods are vegans or Burger King is called VBurger King.
All zoos, aquariums became wildlife and marine sanctuaries.
SeaWorld because wildlife sanctuaries with same roller coaster rides.
All animal circuses including Coles Brother, Ringling Brother and UniverSoul Circuses in this universe don't use animal acts.
New York Blood Center in Vegan Universe provide blood donation to help fundraise for Human Society of USA, PETA, Mercy for Animals, DxE, Collective Free to provide food & waters for chimpanzees.


7. Peaceful Cafe Upper West Side Branch (Susie speaking)

As I entered Peacefood Cafe, there were lots of vegans eating their plant-based meal and I sit on table  I ordered lots of vegan foods and I tried every single plant-based vegan meals.

"This plant-based meals are delicious!" I realize I was speaking in loud voice that everyone heard and smiled. "I'm Susie Meatstone but I want to began my vegan life."

"Great." everyone in Peacefull Cafe shouted in cheer. Vegans saw I had spy device that reads "VEGAN UNIVERSE PRODUCT. NO ANIMAL TESTING."

"I'm doing undercover at La Granje Live Poultry where I worked. I love meats before but after ending up in Vegan Universe, I began to enjoy being vegan secretly."

"Don't worry." Peacefood manager said. "Our lips are sealed because we're all compassions for animals."

"Thank you."

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