The First Two

I guess you could say I asked for this. Why couldn't I just choose one. I mean Luke was extremely good looking and he was so out there.

Being with him was out of my comfort zone but I liked the thrill and the feeling of a new adventure.... but Ashton...

He was safe. He wasn't a risk. I knew if I chose him it would work out and I would be happy and there would be no damage done....

But is that what I want? I know I don't want to be hurt again because we all know that's the last thing I need but maybe I should play it safe.

Time is running out and if I don't choose soon it'll be too late.

Sorry in advance for the chapters being so short. They will get much longer once more people read. Thank you❤️


4. don't stop

Warning: it may seem like it's going to get extremely sexual but it doesn't. I don't know if there will be smut because I'm not very good at it and honestly I don't know if you guys want that. Leave a comment on what you think.


Also- sorry for the long wait. I've been super busy and there was just a lot going on these last few weeks. But I'm back. And I'm slowly making the chapters longer.


Here it goes!!! Luke and Kacy or Kacy and Ashton??






Kacy's POV


I couldn't sleep last night. I had so many thoughts going through my head. I kind of want to be with Ashton but I did meet Luke first and want to have something with him.


Why am I even thinking about what could happen. I don't even know if either of them even want to be with me.


I need to become closer with both of them. I don't know what I want. They are both so different. Luke has his big hair, his lip piercing, he wears all black, and he's more into punk rock.


I love that about him. I've always been the nice girl dating the nice boy. I have also always been the crazy girl who goes all out at parties and can't even remember anything that went down that night.


It sounds perfect. Because he treats me so nice and makes me feel happy but I'm getting the vibe that he has a kind of dark side to him. Maybe this is what I need. I want to not only have to be drunk to have a good time and show my wild side. Maybe he will show me how to bring it out.


However Ashton, he is so much different. He has those soft curls, that cute laugh, that's more like a giggle actually, his eyes are so kind, and he is more down-to-earth.


I feel like with Ashton I could have an actual future. I know I'm young but who knows. Ashton doesn't seem like a little fling type of guy. He is more of a man who is looking for something serious. I've always wanted that but is it too soon to be thinking about a serious relationship. I'm only 18


I think I'm going to start hanging out with both of them and see where things go.


I decide to give Luke a chance first considering we had that amazing kiss So I pick up my phone and give him a call.


K: "Hey Luke, it's Kacy"


We haven't really talked as much as Ash so I wonder if he even had my number saved.


L: "Hey Kacy! I was just about to call you actually."


K: "oh really?"


L: "yes! I know this is a little weird to say but that kiss we shared last night, it was amazing. And I will totally hate myself if I don't ask you to go on an official date with me."




Okay Kacy. Calm yourself. Just reply



K: "aww Luke, I really enjoyed it too. I would love to go on a date with you"


L: "awesome! Are you free tonight?"


K: "Definitely. I was going to watch Netflix in my apartment alone but I guess I can push it off until tomorrow" I laugh


L: "Well then it's a date. And there's no need to push it off because you're coming over to my place to watch Netflix and eat food. Except this way, you won't be alone. You'll be with me! I'll pick you up at 7"


Aww he sounds so excited. I can't wait.


K: "okay, I can't wait!"


L: "I have to go but I'll see you later, babe" he chuckles and then hangs up without another word.


Did he just call me babe?!!?!!??!


He just called me babe. Wow. That was so hot. I can not wait for tonight.



I haven't done anything all day. I feel so unproductive. Oh well, at least I have plans in less than 2 hours.


What do you even wear to a Netflix and food date??


I kind of want to dress nice. Maybe some black skinny jeans and a black crop top??...... But I kind of also want to just wear sweat pants and a loose cropped t shirt.....


What am I even saying, sweatpants always takes the win. Hopefully Luke won't see this as a complete turn off.


I put on my black sweatpants I got a couple months ago at the Justin Bieber purpose tour that say Justin bieber along the side on my right leg and purpose tour on the other leg. And then I throw on a cropped baggy tshirt that I don't even remember buying to be honest.


I leave my hair natural because I really like my loose curls and I start doing my makeup so it can look like I at least tried to look nice.


I end up only wearing mascara and eyeliner because I'm just too lazy. I mean if Luke kissed me that means he likes me. So I don't need to try extra extra hard.


I sit on my couch, scrolling through all my endless social media accounts like Twitter and tumblr and Instagram etc.


Finally when I'm starting to get bored I hear a knock at my apartment door. I quickly bounce of my couch and start semi sprinting to the door but then realize I look wayyy too eager. So I slow down. I get to the door and I wait a couple seconds before opening the door.


I'm quickly absorbed into a huge bear hug from Luke. He towers over me so the hug is extremely nice and makes me feel safe. I hug him back and we seem to stand there hugging for like 6 minutes. He then breaks the hug and asks if I'm ready to go.


Luke's POV


I've been thinking about this date since last night. Did I ask her out too soon? Nah, she would have said no if she didn't want to go out with me.


I didn't even think the date through. Is Netflix and food too casual for a first date? I really hope not. I throw on some black sweatpants and my favorite band tee and I'm out the door.


I've been sitting outside Kacy's apartment for like 15 minutes. I don't know what I should do or say when I see her.


Should I kiss her again? I really really want to but maybe that's too much since we just met. But maybe at the end of the date? I'll just go for a hug and play it safe for now.


Who wouldn't want to kiss me though? She'll definitely be kissing me by the end of the night,

I'm Luke Hemmings. If we had met at one of my parties we would have already done way more than just kissed.


I start walking up the steps to her apartment and I knock. She takes a couple minutes to answer the door but as soon as she opens the door I attack her with a huge hug.


She smells so good. I think it's her hair. I don't know what it is, but I regret not kissing her first.


Well, time to go to my place. Let the date begin.


Kacy's POV


We get to Luke's place and I'm surprised he lives in a house and not an apartment. I wonder if he lives with his parents....


"Is this your house" I say to Luke as we step out of the car.


"Yup. I have a roommate named Calum but he's at his girlfriends so I doubt he'll be coming home tonight." He says back.


We enter his house and I notice it's a pretty large house. It's not too fancy considering there aren't many pictures hanging up or anything too over the top but it is a nice house none the less.


"I guess this is the part where I give you a tour of the house" he chuckles as he extends his hand out for me to grab.


I take his hand and follow him around the house. He shows me his room, Calum's room, the really cool arcade ish room they have in the basement, the living room, and we end the tour in the kitchen.


Luke turns to me and says "I was going to order a pizza but I thought it'd be better if we just popped one in the oven instead and watch Netflix while we wait, if that's cool with you"


"That'd be great" I say. He takes the pizza out of the fridge and puts it in the oven on low so it will take longer to cook. Now we have more time to watch a movie and won't have to keep checking on it.


I take his hand and walk us back to the living room.


I take a seat on the long couch in front of the big tv and wait for him to sit down.


Luke is about to sit down when he says "wait, I'll be right back" and he disappears up the stairs to his room I'm guessing.


He comes back a few moments later with a blanket and some pillows. I stand up as we arrange the couch with all the pillows. He sits down at the end of the couch and I awkwardly sit at the other end.


I was about to ask what we were going to watch when Luke says "aw come on babe, this is a date. I'm not going to bite, come sit over here with me" as he shoots me a wink.


I have a feeling we are about to get really up close and personal.


I get up and slowly walk over to where he is sitting and he just smirks at me.


I sit down next to him only to have him pull me in closer until we are both laying on the couch with my body pressed against his and the back of my head is on his chest.


He turns on his tv and puts on some scary movie that was under horror on Netflix.


we start watching the movie and I quickly regret watching it because I'm a big baby when it comes to things like this. Especially because we are alone in his house with the lights off and it's getting late. We pause the movie and go get the pizza and we eat.


We come back after like 30 minutes of eating and talking. We get back into our position of laying on the couch and I push play.


I get really scared when it gets to the movie scene where I know something is about to pop out. I quickly turn myself around so my face is now buried in Luke's chest.


I hear Luke gasp at whatever happened on the screen and then he tells me it's over. I cautiously start poking my head out of his chest, in case he is lying so I'll watch the scary part, when my eyes meet wth Luke's.


It was like time had stopped and it was just the two of us. Neither of us breaking the gaze that was getting heated. I could feel the sexual tension and I think I like it. Oops


I feel Luke's arm start to slowly wrap itself around my waist under the blanket and I don't stop him.


He starts leaning in and I know what's going to happen next.


I close my eyes and all at once I feel his soft lips on mine. They were so warm but they felt even warmer because his lip ring was cold.


He pulls away sooner then I wanted but only to look into my eyes and pull a strand of hair out of my face as he leans in again deepening the kiss.


He grabs my hair and I do the same with his. The kiss getting more and more intense. He cups my cheeks which are probably really hot and pink right now.


He starts trailing down my neck leaving me with a couple marks that should be very visible tomorrow while he starts to grab my boobs.


He moves back up and we connect lips again. But now it's my turn. I start moving down his neck and only kiss him as a tease. Then I start sucking on his neck so he can have some hickeys tomorrow as well.


Eventually we continue making out until we both stop to come up for air.


Both of us look crazy right now and we are both bright red. His hair is going in all directions but I know mine is doing the same.


"Wow. You are something else babe. That was so hot. Luke says to me with lust in his eyes and his voice now sounding deeper. "You are so hot" he finishes.


"you're not too bad yourself Hemmings. Round two?" I jokingly say back.


"Now thats what I like to hear" is all he says before we are at it again. This time, a little more aggressive.



We didn't have sex. I know he wanted to and trust me, so did I but I know he likes that I was playing hard to get so I'll make him wait.


It was getting really late and I decided I should just spend the night. Calum wasn't coming home and I'd dont want to make Luke drive me back home.


We head up to his room and we get in his bed together. He wraps his arms around me and I lay my head in the gape of his neck.


He falls asleep first and he starts snoring lightly which I think is super adorable but I won't tell him that. I know he'll just deny it and pretend he's too manly to snore like a baby.


Why did I ever think I would like to be with Ash. I really like Luke. And I think he likes me too. Next thing I know, I'm also asleep.


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