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3. Peri_S

One of my sorta-friends told me that he was talking to my cousin and he said 
"She doesn't really like you but she's forced to because you guys are cousins and you are sort of fake to her."

She then replied:
"Yeah I know (my name) is fake to me" 
She also said 
"I am fake to her too" 
I have no idea why to do Bc I don't want to ask her directly Bc I don't want to lose her but I also want to know why she thinks all of this what do I do




Okay. Well it sounds like you're in a sticky sitaution. So, first off, i dont think it was very nice of that person to go and tells lies about you like that. If they are you're cousin, they are family and you love them, and any friend of yours should know that. But, as for right now, it seems like you are telling me that the information said about you is false. Now, i know it can be hard to get the confidence to ask someone directly about something, bust Sweeite, sometimes thats the only way in certain situations. Now, i know its scary, especially when you don't know how to handle something, or if the person you must confront isnt that understanding. But, you need to find the confidence inside you to stand up for yourself. Because Honey, If you don't stand for something, You'll fall for anything. So, my advice to you is, to just talk to her. If this person is really a true friend than they will understand. If they aaren't and you do end up losing them, it has nothing to do with you! it just proves that they were never true in the firstplace and that they are just a jerk, and you dont have time for toxic peoplle in your life. Noii one does. Sometimes we will never understadn why people do certain things, believe me. But, would you rather face this  person with the slight possibility of losing them, OR would you rather go the rest of your life knowing that this person has this bad opinion of you, and never do anything about it? 


I hope this helped.


XOXO Your therapist friend

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