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At least read the first chapter. Then you'll understand.


2. Hope Skyliner

What do you do when once you had a friend in primary school you were really good friends but then she got really bossy and mean so you stood up for yourself and ended up in a massive fight. What do you do when 3 years later she joins the school you go to and people said she's changed but your not sure. I want to talk to her about what happened 3 years ago but I don't know when or how to start that conversation because we don't really talk that often.







Well, first things first. It's okay to doubt. To be not sure if she has changed is okay, because you haven't spoken to her, and you don't know. The unknown is scary, believe me. Now, something you have to know is, if you are feeling something be brave enough to tell them. If not, be brave enough to watch everything fall apart. It's hard to start a conversation with something you've learned to let go, but if she really meant a lot to you, then go for it. Now, when it comes to starting the conversation, that's the hardest part, I will admit. So, maybe go up to her, get her alone, away from her friends, so you can have a private conversation. Tell her how 3 years ago made you feel, don't hold anything back. Now, I can't promise how she will react, but I can promise that it will feel good to get it out there, to not have to hold it in anymore. If she decides to be mean, and not understand and just be a plain jerk, then she wasn't a true friend. Not now, not ever. But if she understands and maybe even apologizes then she is a true friend. Maybe ask her what happened to you guys, and what made her act the way she did. Because is there's anything I've learned its that, when you used to know someone better then they know themselves, you don't ever stop knowing them, and you can sometimes use it to your advantage, make her laugh, bring back good memories that the two of you had. 


Thats what hat I can say, and I hope this helped! 



Xoxo Your Therapist Friend

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