Ask Dani

At least read the first chapter. Then you'll understand.


1. First

Hi. I know most of you may know me, or may not. I don't really say much about myself on here. So, none of you really know me. But Hi. 

So, I am my school's Friendship/Relationship therapist, and I give pretty good advice, and I've helped so many people. In doing so, I've learned a lot about myself. I've learned that giving advice is my passion, and it feels so good to do it. 

I was really hoping that I could help people on Movellas too.

Maybe one day I can be known as Movellas' Therapist, I don't know, but I really hope that I can be there for all you guys. 

So, here is where I'm gonna start. This book. Right here. 

This is where I will reach out to people on here, and try and do my best to help every person I possibly can. Just leave a comment on what you need advice on and I will be MORE then happy to give you advice. 

I know that you may be doubtful of me, because I bet you're reading this and thinking, why should I take advice from you, I don't know you, and you can't fix my problems. But I can assure you, that I didn't become my schools therapist for giving crappy advice. I earned that reputation, and I hope you can give me a chance to show you that i truly can help.

Ive seen people on Movellas, saying that they cut, or are depressed or are lonely, maybe even have eating disorders, or parent problems or friend drama, or just plain sadness. Well, I can tell you I can relate to these problems or more. Everyone needs someone to talk to. And trust me, it feels good to have someone that knows what you're going through.


so please, give me a chance.


i really do want to help. If only you'll let me. :)






Thanks for reading this. And I hope to see you comment. 

If you do comment, favoriting this book will let you know when I post advice for you, so that will be helpful and I would really appreciate if you found my advice helpful in anyway, to like, favorite or follow me, but you don't have to. Thank you my Cullenators

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