Different People

Leah Fraser's parents disappeared mysteriously. Now she has to live with her parents best friends. She's in for quite a ride when she finds out they have a son her age, Danny Rogers, and he takes quite a liking to her.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

 Charlie somehow convinces one of these strangers to give him their car keys. We walk to a car and get in. We start driving, I don't know where. It's silent for a few minuets. "So how did you end up in Illinois?" "It's a really long story." "I have time to listen." Oh my lord, he is so sweet. "Uh, my parents just disappeard one day. The cops think their dead. So I was forced to live with my parents best friends." "Couldn't you have stayed with any other family?" "Yeah, I have a brother, but he's not a great person." "Ah. Um, where are you from anyways?" "I'm from Scotland." "That explains the accent. Oh we're here." We're at a pizza place. Fantastic. We walk in and we sit down in a booth. "So, um do you have a boyfriend?" I don't know what to say. "I did. But the long distance thing doesn't really work." He smiles and silently says "yes" "So it's a good thing that I broke up with him." "Uh, yes. So now I can date you." Really? Fucking serious! Yeah freakout moment, because technically i didn't brake up with Leon, but I like Charlie and me and Leon are never gonna work so I'm gonna go for it. "S is this our first date?" Oh my his smile is so gorgeous. "I guess it is."

 That entire night we just talked. We didn't even order any pizza. It's still pretty great though, but I am hungry. I get a text message. I pull out my phone and see that it is Danny. "Where are you!?!?!" "Relax Danny. Charlie is driving me home." He didn't text me back. That's when I fall asleep in the car. 

I wake up and I'm in Danny's bed.I grab my phone and look at the time. Ah god, it's already one. Danny walks in. "Hi sleepy head. Did you and Charlie have fun last night?" He hands me a cup of something. "Uh, sure." All of the sudden we hear a knock on the front door. We walk down stairs. Danny opens the door. "Leon?" Oh shit. He pushes past Danny and hugs me. "This must be the boyfriend you were talking about." "Yeah, yeah it is."

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