Different People

Leah Fraser's parents disappeared mysteriously. Now she has to live with her parents best friends. She's in for quite a ride when she finds out they have a son her age, Danny Rogers, and he takes quite a liking to her.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter  3

 I wake up and, oh my lord, Danny with his arms wrapped around me. But honestly, I could get used to this. I am suprised how comfortable this is. It wouldn't hurt to stay here awhile. All of the sudden I hear the door open, I don't move I just pretend that I'm sleeping. Then the footsteps get closer. "Danny?" He shrugs, "I'm going to work. Keep yourselves out of trouble." Yeah that was definitely Sidney. Danny just goes back to holding me. I think we slept in for at least two more hours. We didn't move the entire time. 

 I hear the front door open. I assume that it's just Sidney or Sean. I then hear the door open, then a gasp. I lift my head up to see a girl, I then look over at Danny with a disgusted look. "Uh Danny?" "mmhm." " I told you not to touch me!" I know I said I liked laying there with him but I didn't want anybody to know. So I shoved him off the bed. The girl stood in the door way for awhile then said, "Who the hell are you?" She looked super pissed. I was just so tired, all I did was stare at her for a minuet then I got up and pulled Danny off the ground. I whispered in his ear, "There's a girl here. I would assume she's here for you. So get up." He lifts his head up to the door way and looks at the girl. "Danny! Who the hell is this girl!" He walked over to her, "Amy, this is Leah. She is staying with us for awhile." Yeah she was super pissed and then she said, " Why does she have to stay here. Just tell her to go home." Well I was just tired of her being a bitch so, " Well, I would go home, but there's no home to go home to." She is till angry, "So you just took in a homeless person, Danny?" Oh my lord, "Did you just call me homeless? Do I look like I'm homeless?" "Yeah, ya kinda do, let's be honest you look like a mess." oh shit about to go down. I run after her and try to hit her but Danny grabs me. " Leah relax, she doesn't know." "What? what doesn't she know?" "Yeah Danny what don't I know." "Really Danny, I don't think you even know. I completely done with this bullshit." I run down the stairs out of the house. Danny follows me. "Just leave me alone. I need some time." 

I come back a few hours later. The girl is still there. She walks up to me, "I'm so sorry about before, I just thought... well, Danny is my boyfriend. Anyway he told me why your here." "That's fine, I get it." Danny walks up to us. "Well, Leah you need to get dressed. We're going to a party tonight." Yep I should totally not go because I still don't like that Amy girl but whatever.

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