Different People

Leah Fraser's parents disappeared mysteriously. Now she has to live with her parents best friends. She's in for quite a ride when she finds out they have a son her age, Danny Rogers, and he takes quite a liking to her.


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

We get to his room. It's a total boys room. Blue walls, football and basketball posters all over the room. He looks at me and just smiles. I cock my eye brow. Like really, can you find something to do. I'm assuming that you have a x-box or something to play with. Like seriously who does this guy think he is. "Hey, you can take the bed I can sleep on the floor." There's that smile again. Just look at that he's a real gentlemen. But I'm not putting anybody out, even if he is a fuck boy. "Really Danny, you don't have to sleep on the floor. It's your bed." He smiles some more. He walks out of the room and goes to the bathroom. I would assume he's changing. While he's doing that I quickly pull some shorts and a tank out of my suitcase and change.


He walks back in a jumps on the bed and sighs. I sit on the bed and get under the blankets. I lay on my side away from him. "Leah, it might get a little cold in here, so. You know I'm here." Is he really suggesting that we cuddle? "Yeah Danny, if you touch me, I will cut off your head put it on a stick and wave it in front of your weeping mother." Take that pretty boy. "I didn't know a pretty girl like you could make such mean comments." In turn on my other side towards him. I smile and say, "Do you really think I'm pretty?" He smiles "of course I do." "Danny I'm a little cold." He smiles even more "Really?" I stop smiling and start laughing, " God no, I can't believe you fell for that. Anyway good night Danny. And remember... Don't touch me."

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