Coincidences or Fated

Hye Mun is a smart, shy, funny, responsible, and an out going person. At least, until she got into an accident causing her to lose her memories. Ji Woo is a childhood friend who has liked her for years, will he take advantage of this and make her his? Or will he do what's right and let her go to Hyun Wook who has also like her for years. However, due to reason, Hyun Wook forgets about Hye Mun but doesn't let go of his feelings for her. He doesn't know it, but he loves her. When Hyun Wook and Hye Mun meet up again in 9th grade, they end up bumping into each other so very often. Are they coincidences? Or are Hye Mun and Hyun Wook fated? A/N: This is from the original story of Coincidences or Fated from Wattpad written by @Hayylinh79 also known as well me. Enjoy!


1. Prologue

Ja! Wasso! A heungtan sonyeondan!

Fun Boys by BTS played from my phone as I groggily got ready for school. Only two weeks left. Promotion was coming soon. In August, I would be attending Junior High School. I sighed thinking about the short time I had left with my friends. I walked downstairs to the kitchen to find my parents having a serious conversation.

"She's ready, and this is her favorite thing. She even already has a group. Let's just let her enter."

My mom was trying to convince my dad about something. I heard him sigh.

"Alright. We'll tell her about it when she comes down."

Wait what do I do? Pretend I didn't hear anything? Or say I heard a little. I took a deep breath. I'll just pretend I don't know. I walked out of the hallway into the kitchen.

"Good morning, eomma(mom), appa(dad)."

I sat down to eat breakfast. I could see my parents exchange looks from the corner of my eye. My dad cleared his throat.

"Hye Mun, we have something to tell you."

My mom sat down in front of me next to my dad. She gave me a piece of paper that had a number, address, and other things I didn't really pay attention to. She flipped the paper and it said 

Annual Music Competition!

Winner receives a chance to become a trainee and debut as a group or solo artist under any entertainment company!

Participants may participate in solo acts or group acts!

Please use the contact information on the back to sign up and come down to the center to fill out forms and try out!

My eyes widened as I read the paper. I stood up and flipped the paper. I read the phone number and email address then the address.

"When is it?"

My eyes were glued to the paper. I asked my parents without really knowing what I was saying.

"The day after your promotion. May 27th."

I became very excited.

"Your father and I believe you and the girls should compete. After all, you are all very talented."

I thanked my parents and ate my breakfast with great joy.

"Eomma, appa! I'm off to school! Anneyonghasseo!"

"Bye! Have a good day at school!"

I ran out the door and began walking to school. I was walking while listening to a recording of me and the girls singing GFriend's Rough. Maybe my mom was right. Maybe we do have enough talent to compete. It would mean a lot more practice though and I don't know if the girls are up for that. But a chance to debut? Maybe they will be. As I made it to the school's front gates, I put my phone into my bag and felt an arm slung around my shoulders. Startled, I looked to my left and saw my boyfriend/best friend, Tae Yoo. He's technically my boyfriend because of the things we do with each other. Like he holds my hand a lot and does all that couple stuff and he likes me a lot but I honestly don't like him as much. He's my best friend because I've known him for three years and he's one of the two guys I'd trust with my life. The other guy would be my other best friend Hyun Wook. Somehow, Hyun Wook and I seemed to get along maybe slightly better. Hyun Wook and Tae Yoo, however, don't seem to get along. Their best friend Ji Woo has to keep them together.

"Anneyong!" Said Tae Yoo in a cheerful voice.

"Hi. ^-^"

I felt another of arm around me and looked to my right to find Hyun Wook.



Tae Yoo gave Hyun Wook a death glare. I seriously don't get these guys. Hyun Wook provoked Tae Yoo by returning it. Yup, Tae Yoo's one of those guys who gets provoked easily and will seriously fight for anyone. He has a good reason to though. A while back he lost a friend because of a rough fight. They were on opposite sides about something and ended their friendship. It hurts him because they had been really close, practically brothers.

"Hey hey, don't fight you two, let's go, class is gonna start soon."

I let out a relieved sigh. Thank you Ji Woo for coming to the rescue. I walked in between the two boys and as we walked a long the halls, girls were sending me glares for having the most popular guys at the school fighting for me. I wouldn't say they were fighting for me. I wouldn't say that at all! Besides, I don't think Hyun Wook even likes me.


"Saranghae(I love you), Oppa!"

"Nado saranghae(I love you too), Rae Bin-ah."

I was walking along the hallways when I heard a voice that sounded like Tae Yoo's. Was he cheating on me? With Rae Bin? The girl who he said he disliked because of how she treated others. I walked closer to where I had heard the voices and looked into the classroom I'd heard it from. I looked inside and sure enough, there he was hugging Rae Bin. I took out my phone and texted him.

Me: Tae Yoo Oppa, where are you?

Tae Yoo💕: I'm at the cafeteria why?

Me: Nothing, never mind.

I walked into the classroom after taking a deep breath.

"So this is the cafeteria?"

Tae Yoo turned around, shocked.

"H-Hye Mun-ah, I can explain."

"Save it. We're through."

I walked outside of the classroom. For some reason, I wasn't hurt. Well that much. I was only hurt he had lied to me. As I was walking, Hyun Wook caught sight of me and ran up to me.

"Hey! What's wrong? You look upset and you know I don't like to see you like that."

I sighed as Hyun Wook looked down on me. He poked my cheeks with hopes of making me laugh and smile. I pushed his hands away.

"I'm sorry, I just don't know how to feel right now, I don't really want to-"

Before I could finish my sentence, Hyun Wook had pulled me into a warm hug.

"I know you're feeling down right now, but you need to cheer up. At least....for me."

---one year later (7th grade)---

"Hye Mun, look out!"

I felt a pair of hands push me. After that, I could feel blood dripping down from my temple. The next thing I knew, everything was pitch black.


(3rd person point of view)

"How is she?"

"Will she be okay?"

"I'm sorry, we tried all we could, she's okay physically but....she's lost her memory. All she remembers are the most important people in her life but not all of them came through."

"Will she be able to recover them?"

"Recovering them could put her back in the hospital."

Ji Seok, Samantha, Kate, Je Ki, and Kirsten walked into the room along with Hye Mun's parents.

"Hye Mun?"

Hye Mun slowly opened her eyes and faced her parents who stood beside her holding her hands with tight, strong, grips.

"Eomma? Appa?"

Hye Mun's parents sighed in relief she had remembered them.

"Where am I?"

"We'll worry about that later."

"Anneyong Hye Mun. Do you remember us?"

"Of course I do. Ji Seok, Je Ki, Kate, Samantha, and Kirsten. How could I forget you guys."

She pointed at the girls one by one as she recited their names.

"She can check out in 5 days."

"Thank you."

Hyun Wook suddenly came running into the room with Ji Woo and Tae Yoo close behind.

"Hye Mun! Gwaenchanhayo? (Are you okay?)"

"Eomma....who is this?"

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