Coincidences or Fated

Hye Mun is a smart, shy, funny, responsible, and an out going person. At least, until she got into an accident causing her to lose her memories. Ji Woo is a childhood friend who has liked her for years, will he take advantage of this and make her his? Or will he do what's right and let her go to Hyun Wook who has also like her for years. However, due to reason, Hyun Wook forgets about Hye Mun but doesn't let go of his feelings for her. He doesn't know it, but he loves her. When Hyun Wook and Hye Mun meet up again in 9th grade, they end up bumping into each other so very often. Are they coincidences? Or are Hye Mun and Hyun Wook fated? A/N: This is from the original story of Coincidences or Fated from Wattpad written by @Hayylinh79 also known as well me. Enjoy!


6. Chapter 4

"Walk home with me. You still want to help don't you?"

I stared back blankly at him. He pointed to his right cheek which now had a bruise.

"There's one more now. I'm gonna need help. Please?"

His voice cracked as he spoke. I could tell he was choking on tears. I felt bad and grabbed my bag. I slung it on my shoulders and looked back at him.

"Lead the way."

I could see a smile slowly forming. He walked past me and walked towards the door. I followed just closely behind. Out of nowhere, he abruptly stopped and turned back at me. I hadn't been watching and accidentally bumped into him. I looked up at him and saw him looking down at me. I could see his smile slowly forming again.

"Walk with me, not follow me."

He slung an arm around my shoulders and pulled me beside him. He continued to walk out the school to his house, still keeping me by his side by putting his arm around me.

"Hey! Hye Mun! Where are you going? Wait for meeeeeee!"

"Yo JJ! Wait up!"

Ji Seok and Dre had been walking together and catched up to us. JJ and I turned around and waited for the two of them. Ji Seok and I linked arms as we walked and Dre had been walking on the other side of JJ.

"JJ! Dre! Are you guys heading to the dorm?"

Dre turned around and called back, "Yeah!"

"Wait up!"

The rest of the guys joined us and the rest of the girls were closely trailing behind them. As we walked, students we passed by were whispering to each other.

'Wah! They look like the gueenkas and kingkas! Even though they're only freshmen and sophomores.'

'Look at those two! He has his arm her! Did he break up with Rae Bin?'

'Good, I never liked her, I heard about her past.'

'I wonder if she knows he's moved on already?'

"If who's moved on already?"

Rae Bin came up to the group that had been talking with her friends trailing behind. Thank god we already passed them and she didn't see. She'd probably rip my hair off.

When we made it to the boys' dorm, apparently they'd been training for their debut or something, the girls and I sat down in the living room while the guys went to go clean up. The mom of their group, Ji Woo, came back with cups of water for us.

After maybe 5-10 minutes, JJ stood by the entrance to the hallway and called my name.

"So, do you want to help me or not?"

I nodded and stood up and walked to his room with him. As I walked I could hear the girls giggling with each other from the living room. I'm so dead when I get back out there. When I entered JJ's room, I was quite surprised, I expected it to be messy and clothes and stuff everywhere but it was a very small minimum of messiness.

"I get my own room since there are 7 of us and I'm the cleanest."

He chuckled at himself and I smiled back.

"You don't talk a lot do you?"

Caught off-guard by his question, I didn't really know what to say. There was only one reason why I didn't talk a lot but I didn't know if I could trust JJ enough to tell him yet. So I decided to answer plainly.

"Well...after an incident 2 years ago, I haven't really been the same so I don't talk much."

"Oh. What happened?"

I was hoping he wouldn't ask. O.O

"It's okay you can trust me."

I don't know how or why but the smile he gave me after he told me I could trust him, made me think I really could trust him. There was something about him that just made me connect with him really easily.

"Tell me while you're fixing up my handsome face. 😜 I'll go get the supplies."

I chuckled as he left me in his room to get the supplies. He came back with a small bowl of water, a towel, and a first aid kit.

"Okay, tell me now."

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