Coincidences or Fated

Hye Mun is a smart, shy, funny, responsible, and an out going person. At least, until she got into an accident causing her to lose her memories. Ji Woo is a childhood friend who has liked her for years, will he take advantage of this and make her his? Or will he do what's right and let her go to Hyun Wook who has also like her for years. However, due to reason, Hyun Wook forgets about Hye Mun but doesn't let go of his feelings for her. He doesn't know it, but he loves her. When Hyun Wook and Hye Mun meet up again in 9th grade, they end up bumping into each other so very often. Are they coincidences? Or are Hye Mun and Hyun Wook fated? A/N: This is from the original story of Coincidences or Fated from Wattpad written by @Hayylinh79 also known as well me. Enjoy!


5. Chapter 3

Tae Yoo scoffed and pretended to be scared.

"Oh no! Please don't!"

JJ hadn't found it funny even the slightest. Not wanting it to get worse I stood up and grabbed JJ's wrist and led him away.

"C'mon let's go get food."

As we walked away I could feel the glares of Tae Yoo burning holes through me. We stopped at the exit of the cafeteria. I realized I'd been holding onto him and let go quickly.

"Thanks. You just stopped me from punching him."

He smiled at me but I didn't see anything worth smiling about at the time. As he smiled I noticed more physical features. Like his smile; it was shaped in a rectangular or boxed shape and it actually made him look really cute. After a minute or two of waiting the bell rang and we began to walk back to class. It remained quite silent as we walked since I wasn't a talkative person and apparently he didn't have anything to talk about. The silence broke when his girlfriend came.

"Oppa~! Walk to class with me!" (Oppa: what girls call their boyfriend or an older boy)

"We're in the same class though."

Before JJ could say anything else Rae Bin held up a finger signaling him not to say anything. We could hear her mumbling about something 'what was I gonna ask?' 'Something about why...?' 'Scars...?' 'Oh that's right!'

"Oppa why do you have scars on your face?"

"No reason just got punched here 'n' there."

Wait did she seriously just ask him that now instead of earlier when she was begging him to come with her for food? And did she seriously forget about it?

---after school---

"Hey, pabo. Still wanna try 'n' teach me a lesson?" (Pabo: idiot)

JJ sighed at the sound of Tae Yoo's voice.

"Sorry I didn't hear you correctly, 'pabo'. Would you like me to pull up our report cards from 6th grade and compare them?"

Tae Yoo's confident smile faded away as it turned into a grimace. JJ stood up and was about to walk to the door when Tae Yoo stopped him.

"You better watch your back, or I might just embarrass you in front of your girlfriend there."

JJ scoffed and turned to face Tae Yoo with a smirk.

"You wanna try? Be my guest."

Now Tae Yoo was bursting with anger. He raised a balled fist and struck JJ on his right cheek. Fan girls of JJ's group screamed and looked around for Rae Bin. 'Where is that girl? Her boyfriend is in a fight!' When I saw JJ was about to fight back, I quickly stood up and was about to stop him when Rae Bin came back and shouted.

"Oppa! Stop!"

Both boys looked at her. Wait but she called 'Oppa! Stop!' so why are both boys looking at her?

She ran over to them and stood in between them but her back was facing Tae Yoo.

"Please don't hurt him."

"And why would you care?"

"Oh, you didn't know?"

Tae Yoo interrupted JJ's and Rae Bin's conversation. Then he put down his balled fist and took Rae Bin's hand and pulled her to his side. JJ's eyes widened as he looked at the two of them. Tae Yoo intertwined his fingers with Rae Bin and lifted their hands.

"We're dating again."

Rae Bin looked away, ashamed.

"Mian, I was going to tell you..."

Tae Yoo wouldn't let Rae Bin finish her sentence.

"Actually, she wasn't, well enjoy!" Tae Yoo left the classroom with Rae Bin still beside him.

JJ, whose balled first was still raised, slammed his hand down on his desk. He sighed as he grabbed his bag and slung it on his shoulder. He raked his hair with his hand and turned back to face me with a forced smile.

"Walk home with me. You still want to help don't you?"

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