Coincidences or Fated

Hye Mun is a smart, shy, funny, responsible, and an out going person. At least, until she got into an accident causing her to lose her memories. Ji Woo is a childhood friend who has liked her for years, will he take advantage of this and make her his? Or will he do what's right and let her go to Hyun Wook who has also like her for years. However, due to reason, Hyun Wook forgets about Hye Mun but doesn't let go of his feelings for her. He doesn't know it, but he loves her. When Hyun Wook and Hye Mun meet up again in 9th grade, they end up bumping into each other so very often. Are they coincidences? Or are Hye Mun and Hyun Wook fated? A/N: This is from the original story of Coincidences or Fated from Wattpad written by @Hayylinh79 also known as well me. Enjoy!


4. Chapter 2

"You want to eat lunch with my friends?"

"Uhm, would you mind if a few of my friends came along?"

"No, that'd be great."

"Okay then, sure. I'm not sure where they are though."

I smiled sheepishly and he smiled and gave me a reassuring look. 
"I'm sure we'll bump into them at one point. Let's go?"

He turned to face the direction to the cafeteria and waited for me to start walking first so that we would be side by side.

"Thanks for stopping the fight back there...sorry if we troubled you."

He rubbed the back of his nape and avoided eye contact. He seemed to be getting nervous.

"It's okay, I'm not sure what made me do it though, it was almost like an instinct."

"Ah, I see."

It was getting awkward now. Neither of us knew what to say.

"So you know Ji Woo?"

What did he ask me that for? I don't remember any Ji Woo. I shook my head no and that seemed to catch him by surprise.

"Wait but you said his name earlier when you stopped the fight."

"I did?" I gave him a puzzled look.
He nodded yes. Just as he was about to open his mouth a group of boys came walking towards us.

"Yo, JJ! Who's this?"

"A friend. A friend that's having lunch with us. And possibly her friends if we find them. Two of them are back at the classroom and....who else?"

"Three of them; Ji Seok, Samantha, and Kirsten."

"Ah. Okay."

I continued to walk to the cafeteria with the guys. They were quite fun to hang out with. This one guy, whose name I later found out was Hyo Ae, was pretty funny. Athletic too. And another guy whose name was Ji Woo was actually pretty quiet but acted weird when he was with Hyun Wook. And then there was a guy named Soo Hoon, they called him Dre, who played around with Ji Woo the whole time. There was also a guy they called E whose name was actually Seok Gi. He was always rapping or acting cool and gangster like which made us all laugh. There were two other boys named Yoon Seok and Nam Hyung. Yoon Seok liked being addressed by just Seok. Then there was Hyun Wook, who they called JJ.

As soon as we arrived to the cafeteria, I sat down at a table big enough for 8 or more. I wasn't hungry so just sat down and waited for them. JJ noticed and came to me and sat down with me. I looked at him puzzled and he told me he'd stay until the guys got back so I wouldn't be lonely or bored. Then a group of girls came towards us and sat down.

"Hyun Wookie Oppa~ let's get some food."

"Mian (sorry), Rae Bin, I'm not hungry."

"I understand why, you're sitting across from this ugly girl, of course you've lost your appetite."

I pretended I hadn't heard her and blinked rapidly, hurt. I looked away pretending I was alone.

"Rae Bin, that wasn't very nice, and she isn't the reason I'm not hungry."

"But Oppa~ I want some food, please come with me!"

"I'm sorry, I really don't want any and you've got your friends, you can go with them."

The girl or I mean Rae Bin sighed and stood up with her group of friends trailing behind her.

"Sorry about that."

I plainly shrugged as though nothing happened.

"You don't have to pretend you're not hurt if you are."

I still wasn't looking at him and looked around the cafeteria. I merely shrugged again and continued to stay silent.

"Oh, Hye Mun! There you are!"

I looked at the entrance and felt myself immediately begin to smile. Kirsten, Kate, Je Ki, Ji Seok, and Samantha had found each other and found me.

They came to the table I had been sitting at.

Thankfully there were enough seats for like 14 of us so that meant we had an extra seat. As the girls took their seats beside me, I felt JJ staring back at us. They began conversing amongst each other and I stayed silent still, waiting for the guys.


We all looked at the person who said that and found Tae Yoo. What was he doing here?

I was already sitting at the edge of the table since I liked sitting at the edge but he stood next to me and signaled me to scoot over. I barely looked at him when I looked away again and looked back JJ. I don't know why I looked at him but apparently that helped with the current situation.

"I don't think she wants you to sit next to her buddy, go find another seat."

JJ and Tae Yoo exchanged more death glares. I still didn't get all this drama.

"In that case, buddy, why don't you scoot over so that I can talk with my girl here."

JJ stood up so that his face was level with Tae Yoo's and glared back at him, his eyes piercing through to Tae Yoo's and scoffed.

"She's not your girl."

"Oh yeah? Then is she yours?"

"Why not. Maybe she is."

My eyes widened at this. He was surely kidding. He probably only said that to mess with Tae Yoo.

This time Tae Yoo scoffed and was about to grab JJ's collar again when Ji Woo came bursting back to us.

"Hey hey hey! Are you guys really gonna do this in front of the girls?"

Tae Yoo smirked.

"Ji Woo's right, how about we head up to the rooftop and settle this."

"Sorry, I promised someone I would eat lunch with her."

I felt my cheeks warming up. I think he just got me involved in something I really didn't want to be involved in.

"Oh really? Or are you just too scared to face me?"

JJ stepped closer to Tae Yoo so that there were only a few inches between them.

"Me? Scared? You should be the one who's scared."

Tae Yoo began to laugh.

"I should- I should be-"

Tae Yoo couldn't finish the sentence without laughing and bending over to clutch his stomach.

"Yeah you didn't really prove that earlier at the classroom."

"Would you like me to prove it to you later? I'd be happy to."

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